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If you're a calculated risk taker, you might benefit from traveling to the area's fishing villages, resort areas, golf clubs and beaches at this time of year.
In just a short amount of time, Ireland has become one of Europe's richest countries, turning from a country soaked in shamrock and Ballykissangel clichés to a nation of emerging global urban centers like Dublin and a reinvigorated countryside of smart inns and spruced-up bed and breakfasts.
Although South Africa is the best known and most visited of the southern African countries, there are actually six (or sometimes seven) other nations that make up what is commonly referred to as southern Africa.
Ola from Portugal! Over the next several weeks we'll travel to some spectacular destinations. Our first international stop is Porto. If you want to come for the journey, grab your passport and sense of adventure -- on this trip you'll need it.
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From Frommers.com Editors: "Last week we asked you to vent about vacations gone wrong with hopes that your fellow readers could avoid the same mistakes -- and vent you did. This week, we want to know the best piece of travel advice you ever received and how i changed your trips for the better."
From maggienile: "I am going to DR in December and trying to decide where to stay: Punta Cana or Punta Plata? I will be traveling alone and want to stay at an all-inclusive."
From scubydoo: "I'm planning on visiting Moorea next year. If possible, I would like to keep the hotel expenses down. $200/night is my budget."
From boatboy24: "Thanks to all on those on the boards for their help planning this trip. We had a blast and could not have done it without the help."
From maeref: "I live in NJ and want to visit Cuba soon. What is the best way to travel? We are two seniors looking for escorted tours."

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