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Best of New York City Gallery: Have you captured the city that never sleeps with your camera? Share your images with other readers now.

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In this wildly up-and-down economy, travelers are either looking for rock-bottom prices or memorable holiday tours that are well worth what they cost. Here is a compendium of both types of deals.
Is there anything the airlines haven't tried to remove from their planes? As a matter of fact, yes. Here are seven they should consider.
First the Euro, then Mexico's Peso, now it's South Africa's Rand that's dropping against the U.S. dollar.
With gas relatively high, perhaps we should consider going old school and let someone else do the driving while we sit back, relax, take in the sights, and make new friends from around the world.
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Reader's Voice
From Dabao: "I have learned my lesson. Whenever I visit an ancient country or place, especially ruins with historical interest, I need a local guide."
From mdenney: "I recently returned from Kenya where I spent a month working and traveling. I've been in Kenya many times before and this time the affordability of the nicer hotels was beyond my reach."
From tbhindy: "Our son lives and teaches English in Anyang. We will be visiting for a week in the fall. Any nice hotels you'd recommend?"
From saundra: "The hard part of the planning is trying to get to Bordeaux preferably by train without going back through Paris. We also are looking at renting a car in Dijon/Beaune and driving."
From Kristina Roos: "We are staying at the Hyatt in the inner harbor. We have one day to explore as a family and two days where it's just my husband and baby."

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