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Use these tips to save flight information, passports, and credit cards, so they're always just a few clicks away when you're on the go.
Hop the ferry to really, really get away from it all at these eight beaches in Greece, Thailand, Brazil, and five other slices of paradise.
A traveler arrives at a hotel only to find out that his reservation is missing. Later, he's charged for the phantom room. How can he get his money back?
A Bali adventure, four nights at a Breckenridge ski resort with a free three-day lift ticket, and more deals in Puerto Rico, Washington, D.C., and Providence, Rhode Island.
Tired of shuffling through frequent flyer programs' fine print when spending your miles? Opt for these little known opportunities to cash in miles with the best return on investment.
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Waterfront cafes in Copenhagen, Denmark Waterfront cafes in Copenhagen, Denmark
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Reader's Voice
From John Hearn: "After arriving in Rome, I fully expect that we will be tired. I'm told to stay up until the evening to avoid jet lag. Is the hop-on, hop-off bus a good idea?"
From kcar: "My parents are going to Tokyo and Kyoto. They're considering a group tour because they hear that getting subway and bullet train tickets is tough if you only speak English."
From ed.k.king: "How cold is the water (swimming pool) in late December? Too cold to swim? I am not the cold-bear type. I like the water to be warm."
From Lana Davis: "I am planning a driving trip for Spring 2011 mainly through the west and southwest part of Ireland. Any advice on renting a car? I want a reliable company."
From Cricket7: "What are your favorite hotels or areas in Paris? It seems that the Latin Quarter, Marais, or the area around the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe could be great."

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