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Editor's Note
What's Your Top Destination of 2010? Each year Frommer's staff choose their top spots for the coming year. This year we want your opinion, too. Tell us now.
Deals and News
Las Vegas has developed two cutting edge museums that offer visitors a deeply intellectual yet fun escape from the often mindless entertainments of the city.
Every time another news story details he suffering of trapped passengers, no doubt another few hundred flyers take to their cars and Greyhound. But will the proposed bills actually do anything to improve the situation?
Consider these escapes to San Diego, Idaho & Wyoming, Paris and more for your next getaway.
Cancel that bus ticket. The big news of the day, valid until end-of-the-day this Thursday, October 29, is the decision by Southwest Airlines to sell one-way airfares for the following unprecedented rates.
Is politeness a new form of currency in travel? Could a smile be more effective in getting preferential treatment than elite-level status or the amount of money you paid for your airline ticket, rental car, or hotel room?
I think we have a good one this year: A discounted ticket price, an online discount code, 6 booths offering us exclusive discounts, plus other freebies.
Reader's Voice
From guido: "Due to lower airfare, we added two days to the front of a week near San Diego. We will be staying at a hotel which is very close to Knots Berry Farm and has shuttles to Disney. We will also have a car."
From Travelomania: "Is it worth to spend precious time driving along the coast to Sydney or take the faster route inland route and spend some relaxing time in Melbourne and Sydney itself?"
From BabyBearNewYork: "We were there in a big family group and it truly was a trip of a lifetime. We had three days in Cairo."
From TPH: "Any ideas? We are staying at the Empress. We will have three children with us also."
From cenoel: "I'm trying to find good restaurants in New Orleans that are not too expensive. Suggestions please."

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