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This deal is for traveling duos: 25% off fares from Boston, Baltimore, Minneapolis, or Orlando to Iceland, Oslo, Stockholm or Copenhagen if you buy two tickets at once.
This deal isn't a turkey: well-respected Picasso Tours is offering one of the cheapest packages we've ever seen to Istanbul, with air and four nights at a three-star hotel starting at $499.
The days dwindle down to a precious few, and suddenly, it's nearly November. If you haven't made any plans for late fall or this winter, now is the time, as bargains continue to pour in over the transom. After sifting and sorting, here are some current offers for seeing England, Scotland and Wales.
The U.S. is currently underway with a three-year-long commemoration of the bicentennial anniversary of Lewis and Clark's sweeping exploration of the North American continent. You can experience part of their journey through the Pacific Northwest's waterways with a luxury river cruise from American West Steamboat Company.
Frommers.com & Cura¿ao Tourist Board are sending one lucky winner & a guest to the Caribbean. Register today to be eligible to win this vacation. Entries must be received by October 31, 2003.
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From Gard Karlsen: "In the end of September 2003 I went to Tanzania to hike on Kilimanjaro. I did the Machame route and I used Marangu hotel as the tour guide. I have posted a long trip report and lots of pictures on my personal homepage. In the report you will find a day by day diary, comments about equipment that I used, how much the trip cost me, "review" of Marangu hotel etc. I hope that this report can be of help to others that are planning to go trekking on the highest mountain in Africa."
Linda Maddox: "At 45 years old, and 25+ years of work, I'm tired and burned out. I am considering taking a 6 month sabbatical from work and traveling out west. My thought is to rent an RV, take the dog, and go. Has anyone done this or have any recommendations; particularly any women who have done this on their own? Thanks!"
From Brendan MacDonald: "I recently noticed in one of the Frommer's Newsletters that Out & About does not have a single supplement (the bane of my life). I am a straight man who would very much like to avoid the single supplement. Would it be possible/advisable for me to go on a gay trip? I don't care about anyone's sex life, but about all I know about the gay lifestyle comes from watching Will and Grace. Any information or thoughts will be greatly appreciated."
From Kay Carswell: "If you are planning to drive 17 days or more, it usually pays to lease a car rather than rent. We leased a brand new mid-size Renault for 24 days and paid $1,337 total which included all taxes and insurance as well as airport surcharges. Pick-up and drop off went smoothly, the car was great, and there were no hassles or surprises. Additionally, Renault does not impose upper age limits for drivers."
From Colleen Russell: "Just got back from a weekend getaway to Ft. Lauderdale and decided to provide a trip report. My husband and I booked a last minute getaway through American Airlines for a great rate and picked Ft. Lauderdale. Was a little apprehensive doing this, but it worked out beautifully."

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