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We've rounded up what we believe are the most interesting offers out there: budget-priced deals, luxury lines, discounted steamboat journeys, free airfare and more.
It's the sheer friendliness of Fijians that creates the most indelible impression on visitors to this South Pacific Eden. You'll return even happier knowing that you haven't paid top dollar for your trip.
Boston has great reason to celebrate. The Red Sox have won, finally, after an 86-year drought. On Tuesday, native son John Kerry makes a run for the leader of the free world. Not to mention American Colonial architecture and history is somehow prettiest in the fall. No, there might not be a better time to visit Boston central than now.
Winter brings a multitude of international festivals and events, so we've selected a few of the more unique northern hemisphere celebrations to point you in the right direction. There's a little bit of something for everyone -- from Yule tide celebrations to fireworks, bizarre sports to high arts.
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Reader's Voice
From Carol Schwartz: "I just returned from a long weekend in Cambridge, MA. My daughter and I stayed at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge. The first thing I should say is that this hotel is in a great location. It is just outside of Boston (right across the river) and convenient to transportation (a T stop is close by), the Green Line shuttle into the city, and it is around the corner from the Museum of Science."
From Linda Hitchcock: "This place is not, as advertised, the peaceful retreat with glorious mountain views. Not only is Interstate 40 quite audible 24 hours per day, the nearest hillside has been demolished, taking with it the primary view. Deafening earthmovers, beeping and operating at decible levels well above the comfort level spew clouds of dust into the air during daylight hours making way for a new housing project. When, upon arrival, we immediately voiced our concern, longtime employee, Susie, said, 'we probably should say something, but if we told people about the construction, they probably wouldn't want to stay here.'"
From CMac: "Just wondering what your thoughts are on this subject. Many times over the years I have been approached on the plane to switch seats with another passenger to allow family members or friends to sit together (all these times I was travelling alone). Most of the time I switched seats only to end up with a less comfortable one. I have found that most people were gracious when their request was denied, but others gave me the evil eye for the whole flight!! Of course, you can chalk it up to the fact that there are nice people and then there are not so nice people, but I was wondering if anyone else has any ever experienced this and how they handled it and likewise how their response was received."
From Joanna Bacchus: "You need around 3 weeks to see the highlights however you can choose what you want to see. This is what I would recommend you do."
From SS Semple: "What an amazing trip! To be honest I was not expecting to enjoy New York, but after spending a week in Manhattan, I feel like I could live there. It is quite an amazing place! Here are a couple of tips for those interested."

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