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Yellowstone National Park is an extraordinary treat any time of year, but in winter, it's in a class by itself. The summer crowds are replaced by buffalo, dusted with snow. Gasses bubble and steam through a stark, white winter landscape, with shapes and colors you've only seen in dreams.
Tired of being underpriced, perhaps, by Internet quotes on their hotel rooms? The Kimpton Group has decided to fight back and with results. They're guaranteeing a match for any price found on a third-party travel Web site.
First, the good news--if you want to travel to Britain this winter, you can cut a deal on a BritRail Pass for a 25% price break. Just be sure to complete your trip before February 28, 2003. Now, the bad news, but it isn't very bad--BritRail Pass prices will increase by 2% in 2003.
With a wave of his sorcerer's wand, Mickey Mouse (disguised as ATA Vacations) is turning a three-night stay at Disneyland into four nights, with no increase in price, for vacations there this fall.
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From Sue Gingrich: "We always take insurance that includes pre-existing condition. So far we have taken the insurance recommended by our travel agent. Who would you recommend?"
From George W: "I hope to realize a long time dream by driving throughout the US, Canada, and Alaska. I am either going to use a small van size or Class C (bigger than van, but still small) or use an SUV and camp sometimes while using motels other times. I prefer the former. Anyone besides my family think I am crazy? How about anyone who has done similar thing? I am going solo, maybe with a dog, and am 67 now."
From Sandra Gaither: "My 19yr. old daughter and I just returned from a vacation to the So. Carolina Georgia coastal region. We could not have been more pleasantly surprised at the beautiful, unspoiled beaches of the GA. coast. Careful planning (or maybe lack thereof) has kept many of the beaches removed from the wear and tear of other beach communities on the east coast. I say skip Hilton Head and Mrtyle beach, head to the "Emerald Isles" of Ga., before the rest of the world discovers this diverse ecosystem.
From Cindy Traveller: "We are doing the Inca Trail next May with a tour group. We plan to go 2 days before the tour starts and were wondering if the days are best spent in Lima or Cuzco?"
From Bob Fukumoto: "Great trip, great value, great time of the year. I just returned on 10/26 from the China Focus 22 day 3 gorges tour. The tour covered so many places that it is hard to remember everything."

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