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Editor's Note
What's Your Top Destination of 2010? Each year Frommer's staff choose their top spots for the coming year. This year we want your opinion, too. Tell us now.
Deals and News
Copenhagen has always been a place where people take joy in food. But a culinary explosion in the past few years has made dining out the hippest game in town.
Get your ski on or hit the beach -- you decide where to go with these discounted fares.
In this era of reusing and recycling, more cities are looking at their old stuff -- industrial buildings, abandoned neighborhoods and leftover rights of way -- and coming up with creative new uses for them.
Is Belgium the most underappreciated country in Europe? Pauline Frommer thinks so and in this week's CNN.com interview, she's looking to fix that.
s the price of oil flirts with $80 a barrel (it's presently about $78), the airlines have at last acted. A number of them threatened they would impose a fuel surcharge if that price remained above $65 for a fair amount of time.
Reader's Voice
From eze: "After having stayed at our son's home in Sydney for a fortnight we are planning to fly to Brisbane and rent a car to drive north and west."
From Bubba : "Is it too early to book a June trip in December or January? I've heard that there should be some good travel deals coming us, but I don't want to get squeezed out of our dates."
From Tutu49: "Should I try to find a sheltered hotel in the South East? How bad are winter winds? Would like to spend first five days in LaDigue and the last five in Praslin."
From malerntogo: "Looking for a tour operator or even a private boat that would take us all from Cabo to a remote or secluded beach for 3-4 hours of snorkeling and sun then return us back to the pier. I was hoping to spend no more than about 20 dollars per person."
From veratop: "Can anyone suggest an airfare consolidator or a travel agency for cheap tickets to Santiago-de-Chile? We plan to take a cruise on Dec. 20 and need a flight to Santiago-de-Chile on Dec. 18 returning from Buenos Aires in January."

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