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Ancient Marvels Photo Gallery: How did they do that? Share your favorite wonders of the ancient world. Add your photo to this gallery now.

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Get off Italy's beaten track and head south to discover incredible scenic beauty along rugged coastlines, seafaring settlers, pristine beaches, and a barrage of historical and archaeological sites.
From Puerto Rico and Mexico to Pacific escapes like Fiji and Tahiti, we've found some surf-side specials that will inspire you.
American makes Mexico cheaper, BA offers free companion airfares, Airfarewatchdog.com expands to the UK, and more news from the skies.
If I told you I flew 500 miles to make a crouton, you'd think I was pulling your leg, but would you believe that this is one of the finest -- and friendliest -- gourmet cooking classes on the East Coast?
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: Calabria, Italy
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Reader's Voice
From Galactica: "Our main goal is to just sit on the beach. This trip is kind of a gift to ourselves after bartending most every day of this past summer in a fishing town in Alaska."
From Tom Allin: "We are in the midst of planning 70 days of travel. Any thoughts on places to stay? We are thinking moderate to luxury."
From pebble: "Is this a good time of the year or too cold? We enjoy museums, history, small towns where we can talk to locals and browse."
From BJeff: "I visited Puerto Plata last month and want to share my thoughts, especially for those who do not plan on staying at a resort."
From Ostrich-hunter: "In the spirit of Halloween, does anyone have any gruesome travel stories? Hotels that had more critters than people? Paradises turning into a regular Amityville?"

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