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Back in 1999, Newman's Own & the late George magazine declared Untours to be "the most generous company in America," for this is a firm that is about more than just making money. They're always coming up with offers that are deals in themselves, but have that something extra (some people call it love) that make their presentations altogether different. And their packages don't cost an arm and a leg, either. Take their Dutch Winter Special, starting at $999 for two weeks.
What is a travel deal that's more unbelievable than unbelievable? We said the "u" word about a recent Tourcrafters' Italy offer, but they've outdone themselves, again. Now, the firm is offering a 7-night winter package taking in both Rome and Florence for just $649, roundtrip air included.
Many travelers love the idea of buying airfare and hotels in a package to save money, but then hate the idea of being dragged along on an escorted tour with a whole bunch of other people to places not all of which you really want to see. Cosmos, among the world's biggest tour operators, recognizes this and have come up with a flexible program for 2003 that combines more time in more cities for independent exploration. And this is not expensive.
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Reader's Voice
From TE Best: "I fully expected that I had missed my flight, which was due to depart at 7:05. The agent at the counter, however, proved once again why Jet Blue is the best airline to fly. She said there was still an open seat left on my original flight and was going to try and get me on it instead of having me wait around to fly standby later. Instead of just sending me off to get to the gate on my own, she actually ran with me and I mean ran."
From Lisa Baer: "Is it my imagination, or does the airfare to Cancun seem really expensive? We want to travel next March and I can't find a ticket anywhere for under $800."
From Cheron Seaman: "My husband, daughter & I are thinking about going to one of the U.S. Virgin Islands this August. I have heard stories about robberies and murders, and am a little worried. Is it safe to roam around there, or is it best to just stay on a resort? We want to be able to drive around freely and see the sights. We did this on Maui and felt completely safe. Any words of advice?"
From Cynigal: "I just got back from Paris. I stayed at the Batignolles Villers hotel (cheapest option on Gotoday.com). Teeny tiny rooms (but clean and the owners were very friendly), and out in the sticks, but I liked the area. Not too far from Sacre Coeur, but away from the seedy part of the Moulin Rouge. Great, inexpensive restaurants in the area."
From hoho: "I am considering an Alaska RV road trip vacation next summer 2003 around mid May. The plan would be to fly into Anchorage and rent an RV. Does anyone have a recommendation on the best place to rent an RV in Anchorage? Also, can you also give me an idea of the ranges that are charged per day? That would be most helpful."

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