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Flying over the holidays can be a pain. Airlines know we "need" to travel for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so fares go way up. And this year looks to be the most difficult for holiday travelers in a while. Delta, Northwest and US Airways are all cutting flights this winter, creating more competition for fewer seats. And fares are up in general, driven by record-high fuel prices. There are ways to get the lowest possible fares, though, and ways to make the best of a miserable peak-day flight.
Despite the fact that the storm left about 35,000 tourists stranded in Canc¿n, Cozumel and the Mayan Riviera and caused major damage, the outlook remains somewhat hopeful.
With more events per week than most global cities have in a year, New York City is primed for a wonderful fall and winter. We found plenty of inexpensive places to stay and (sometimes free) things to do around every New York corner.
Intergenerational travel is now one of the fastest growing segments in the travel industry with a number of companies offering packages specifically designed towards this niche market.
There are great fare sales on right now for flights to Chinese cities and anywhere that AirTran flies, kids' tix to Tahiti dip to ridiculous lows; plus look for discounts on Osaka, Las Vegas, the Bahamas and most of Canada.
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From ihaveallboys: "I had a very uncomfortable 4 hour flight. The woman next to me was so overweight that I could not put my arm rest down. Also her girth spilled into my seat on a sold out flight. I am disabled and it was very uncomfortable for me not to be able to rest my arm and sit in one position the entire time. I did not particularly enjoy a person having close physical contact with me the entire time as well. It is such an invasion of personal space. What should one do in this situation? Should I contact the airline and complain or is that totally useless? I am mad that I paid air fare for a seat only to be able to use part of it. If this happens again and the flight is not sold out, should I request another seat?"
From iluv2go: "I am looking for recommendations for crewed boats to charter for my family of five (2 adults & 3 children, ages 16, 14 & 6). I would like to sail the British Virgin Islands especially but would settle for the US Virgin Islands. This is our first trip away from the land, and I need some guidance. We're planning on going next June. Thanks!"
From Giovanna: "We are visiting Buenos Aires for the first time next month (actually first trip to South America) and very much looking forward to it. I had no qualms at all about health risks until, during research for the trip, came across some info regarding not drinking the water in some places and needing shots. We hope to spend two nights in Puerto Iguazu and take a Jeep jungle trip. The only other places we plan to visit are Colonia and Tigre on day trips. Hope I don't sound like an idiot, but would appreciate advice."
From elema6: "Has anyone had difficulties with Alitalia, and if so, how did you get the problem resolved? I purchased tickets from them for a trip to Italy more than two months ago. They messed up the name on one, and the customer service department has been (in the most polite way I can say it) very difficult to deal with and refuses to fix the ticket. Frommer's recommends them in their book, but I have never dealt with such an unprofessional group. Certainly the rest of Italy's travel industry cannot be so bad."
From jeanannangst: "My family and I just got back from a trip to Kauai from October 20-27. The weather was great, and south shore was wonderful; I didn't want to leave. The Outrigger Kiahunna Plantation on Poupi was 5-star property! The #235 Royal Garden View room was the best! The restaurant, Plantation Gardens, the food was good but pricey (what do you expect at the resort?). Getting around Kauai was easy so you do want a rental car. The people of Kauai were very pleasant. After spending one day in Honolulu, I was scared to think what I had gotten myself into. To the people of Kauai, Mahalo! You should be very proud of your island! It's very beautiful."

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