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Political junkies, we feel your pain. We have no idea who will be president when you read this, but we do know you'll be burned out from the 24-hour news cycle. If you're looking to take a travel break but still have politics on the brain, consider Philadelphia's historic district.
In a town where restaurants are 150 years old, change does happen -- but verrry slowly.
The Caribbean suffered immensely this hurricane season, so we owe it to our southern neighbors to help their economies. In case you need more incentive, here are a few more reasons why you should venture into warmer waters this season.
Boasting over one hundred area golf courses and almost as many resorts, Palm Springs is back as a leading American vacation destination. Once considered tired and run-down, many of the area's hotels have undergone recent renovations and upgrades.
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From Dennis Coleman: "We're headed to Orlando and Disney World in December. Besides Disney World and Universal Studios, what other sights can you recommend? And I don't just mean amusement parks since we've never been there! Is there anything offbeat to see? Thanks."
From Laura Sauls: "The best things in life are free, in Cincinnati that means Art and Culture. The Cincinnati Art Museum, located in Eden Park, is free everyday! The Museum has quickly made a name for itself with an exhibit of Monet's and now the 10,000 square foot exhibition of Petra: The Lost City of Stone. Many may know Petra from movies such as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Lawrence of Arabia. So come and see what all the art is about."
From Cathy Haar: "Our son wants to check out the University of Wisconsin. So we're hoping to get up there for a weekend sometime in the next few weeks. Any suggestions for a reasonable hotel/motel? Preferably with an indoor pool. Would also love restaurant suggestions."
From Mary Ru: "I'd like to take my fiance to Amish country for his birthday. I read that some of the towns are very commercialized and not authentic. I would appreciate any suggestions on which towns are more quaint without a big-city feel. I definitely want to stay at a b&b so if anyone has any recommendations about one they loved or a must-see/must-do in the area that would be great. We enjoy hiking, nature and just walking around but will only be there for a few days so we're not set on anything in particular other than learning more about the Amish."
From Mark Schultz: "We recently visited Albuquerque and had a great time (we also saw Santa Fe and Taos). We have a large family of four kids and some of our highlights including the aquarium in Albuquerque, the Children's Museum in Santa Fe and the Indian Hills Inn at Taos. One place we definitely will not be going back to is the La Placita Dining Rooms, a restaurant in the Old Town area of Albuquerque."

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