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We haven't seen prices this low in a decade. A fare anywhere near this price would normally be for a rare--and super special--sale, yet British Airways has been extending it again and again, plus offering select city specials. But hurry, the sale ends today.
Prices from the West Coast to Italy have fallen to levels rarely seen before, down to the kind of costs you see usually only from East Coast cities. It's happening with many companies, but none are more exciting than France Vacations, which is talking about five-night trips to Rome, with air, starting at just $539.
Rental agencies for recreational vehicles need to shift the majority of their inventories to sunnier locales where their customers actually want to drive, and this can work in your favor as they discount one-way rentals to encourage drivers to do their work for them.
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From P Leatherwood: "Two of my friends and I are planning a trip to London in April, 2003 and would like to take a day trip to Paris. We have two options: (1) ticketsto.com offers a day trip on Eurostar, which includes a guided tour of Paris, but not everything we want to see; or (2) Golden Tours has several guided tours of Paris, bur their full-day tour [which incorporates two half-day tours] seems to take us everywhere we want to go, but we would have to fly to Paris. I would like to hear from someone who has taken either or both of these tours so I can make a comparison."
From Sarah Ford: "My husband I are traveling to Chile with our 1 yr. old for 5 weeks over Dec/Jan and are looking for a vacation rental for a month that we could use as our base. I've not been able to find much from searching online and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions/connections for such a place. Here's what we're looking for:"
From Rafael Sayago: "I booked my upcoming three trips myself because I don't think agents could beat the fares I find myself. I don't spend my whole life on the internet. I do it on work breaks etc. I decide where I want to go and watch the fares for a few weeks or months until I see what I feel is the best I could do."
From Sasha Seely: "Young Husband/Wife Pair traveling in late Spring or early Fall in 2004 (this is REALLY planning ahead!) and are debating renting a $4000/for 4 wk mtr.home or renting a mini-van and staying in cheap hotels with free breakfast along the way. We need advice! We know where we want to go, but this "how-to-get-there" thing is making us nuts!"
From Molly Green: "Greetings. As a smoker (one who is considerate of the rights of others) I am somewhat concerned about how restrictive the "new" smoking policy at Disney World in Orlando might be. Anyone know where the designated smoking areas are located at Epcot and MGM Studios? Roofed areas? Near to concession stands? Thanks for any info you can supply."

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