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This fall, low fares to Asia seem to have slipped under many people's radar. The sales aren't advertised very much, if they're advertised at all -- but they're out there. In fact, there's fierce competition on most Asian routes keeping prices low, as long as you're willing to fly outside the Christmas holiday season.
Through November 6 only, winter flights from 19 US cities to London are $200 roundtrip, plus tax. Spring and summer flights are also discounted, too.
Most of the nation just fell back in time with the annual arrival of Day Light Savings, but Go-Today is already asking us to spring back into Spring. They've just announced their 2004 schedule for Europe's shoulder season with most travel taking place between April 1 and June 15. These deals are doozies, and you must book by December 23 to snag these prices.
Alyson Adventures offers a wide variety of escapes, biking, hiking and boating trips in the U.S. and abroad, now scheduled through 2004. Book by today and lop 10% off the asking price.
This winter, Untours is offering a pretty reasonably-priced way to experience true Dutch gezelligheid -- that means "coziness," and it's considered one of the highest Dutch virtues. Their two-week winter package provides airfare and a fully furnished apartment in the center of Leiden. They'll also throw in a 10-day, second-class rail pass for each person.
Our western musical heritage owes a great deal to Germany, and I'm not talking about beer barrel polkas. Think of Bach and Beethoven and modern masters, such as Wagner and Richard Strauss. Then consider the many bargains available for getting to Germany to enjoy the dozens of musical events coming up this winter and spring. If you're a music lover, the choice should be easy.
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From Jim Quince: "I have been traveling to Uurope for a number of years. I have been able to deal with the eastbound jetlag without any problem. We just stay up as late as we possibly can when we get to Spain the first night, and we seem to be able to slide right into the groove without experiencing any jetlag issues. The problem is coming home. After 3 weeks, we head back and find that it takes us a week to 10 days to get our sleep cycle back. Does anyone have a technique that works for them?"
From Walter Jorgensen: "I am the winner of the Hong Kong Sweepstakes sponsored by Frommer's and the Hong Kong Tourist Board earlier this year. Imagine my surprise when I received your e-mail last May stating that I was the sweepstakes winner. I couldn't believe my good fortune! I returned a couple of days ago from a marvelous week in Hong Kong and wanted to thank you and the Hong Kong Tourist Board for providing me with this wonderful opportunity. The trip was everything I imagined it to be and then some. Here's our detailed report."
From Gloria Tzioumis: "Because Frontier Airlines offered an early morning flight out of Milwaukee with transfer in Denver to Albuquerque, NM we chose that airline for its schedule. Received notice from Frontier that they won't be offering that flight and have rescheduled us on an afternoon flight, which is highly unsatisfactory since we needed the original flight to attend a meeting. Do they have any liability? I have been corresponding with Frontier, but they won't answer that question."
From Nina Scharrett: "Friends are leaving 11/6 for east coast of FL from NJ. They remember an article in NY Times about 2 yrs. ago detailing a route that allows for much antiquing, sort of an 'antique alley.' Is anyone familiar with this or have any suggestions?"
From Almeda McIver: "I booked a special fare of $591 including taxes from New York to Johannesburg via Madrid on Iberia airlines in January 04 after reading this article in the Frommers.com Newsletter. I had the opportunity to select my seats on all four legs of the trip at the time I booked my ticket, which I did. The seats I picked were available and were confirmed on the Iberia web site. However, when I received my tickets only the New York - Madrid and Madrid - New York showed my confirmed seats. When I called Iberia to ask about this I was told that because this was a special fare I had to wait until I checked in to get confirmed seats on the other two legs of the trip. At no time was this mentioned on Iberia's web site. Has anyone heard of this policy? I do not want to spend over 12 hours in an uncomfortable seat."

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