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It's officially on: Northwest Airlines announced the first airfare sale for the 2005 holiday season and Orbitz followed quickly with sale fares across several carriers. It's the busiest time of year to fly in the US and seats get gobbled up quickly, so let's get down to it.
When ATA, the nation's tenth-largest airline, declared bankruptcy on October 26, they marked a nasty milestone: the first airline bankruptcy in two years that travelers actually have to worry about.
While New Orleans is now synonymous with Mardi Gras celebrations, other points across the country revel in their own way. N'Awlins is at its most expensive while the endless fete takes place, this year ending on February 8. Why not look to these lesser known examples, all the while partying just as hard and saving some bucks to boot?
Sometimes a girl just needs to get away and spend quality time with her friends -- no men, no work, no stress -- just gratuitous indulgence, fun, gossip, food, relaxation or adventure. The hotel industry is finally acknowledging that women have the right to unite and travel together so here are a few "women's only" deals that will make up want to bring out the face-packs, fluffy slippers and champagne!
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From Alvin Alunan: "We haven't even left for Peru (which we¿ll do so in two weeks), and SAS Travel is already messing up left and right. Three weeks ago, we tried to fax our reservations forms, but their fax was not working (we tried both numbers). Then we tried calling the 'emergency' phone number, but no one was answering. We tried to e-mail them 3 times, both through the web page and through regular e-mail and NO answers at all."
From Carm: "I heard that many credit card companies add a service fee for transactions overseas. Does anyone have any input on this? Had planned to use credit card for trip costs while in Rome, but maybe it would be better to use travelers checks. What has been your experience?"
From bourbon city: "Planning a hunting trip in May for black bear on Prince Wales Island. Any info on accommodations or any helpful information in planning this trip would be appreciated. Thanks!"
From Robert Katzman: My wife and I want to spend the first week of our vacation on or near the best boogie boarding beach somewhere in Hawaii. Can you help?"
From Melissa Joy: "I know that nobody can really predict the weather. But I would like to know if anybody knows the general weather patterns when flying across the country from San Diego to Florida in March? I am a nervous flier and have only flown alone once. This will be only my second flight without family to cling to."

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