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This week's smart deal is one that's just too good to pass up: European Destinations has a special for quick multi-night getaways to ten cities in Europe starting from a shockingly low, pre-tax $389.
The dollar's value is shrinking, but it can still take you far in some places. Find out what a beer will cost you in Botswana, a coffee in Lithuania, a hotel in Michigan, and more.
Our experts reveal the best ways for avoiding crowds and experiencing the country's exceptional wildlife, beaches and more.
Luxembourg may be small -- it's the sixth smallest nation in Europe, in fact -- but it's grand all the same, a Grand Duchy, in fact.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: Old Town Square in Prague
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Reader's Voice
From Starfish16: "I am very interested in taking this taxi tour but wondered if it would be safe to go with myself and a friend, two girls."
From davisesq212: "The company I was planning to rent from has their prices per minute listed online for each country and my tour company has $1 per day promo code to use for this cell company."
From transient: "At the end of last month my sweetheart and I drove to Denver, CO from San Diego, CA. The route we used was I-15 to I-70."
From sharonmom: "What's a great place to go on Bastille Day that isn't too insane and crowded, with three kids?"
From thennebry: "Does anybody have any recommendations on how many days to stay on each island?"

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