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Ah, cities and Christmas -- an exercise in mass hysteria as shoppers clog department stores and streets in search of the perfect gift. The hustle and bustle of a city at Christmastime, though, is unrivaled -- it's probably the quickest way to get a holiday spirit adrenalin rush. For this report, we've rounded up some hotel packages, where available, in major cities.
It may be getting cold, but things are just heating up on the circuit of festivals and events around the country. December brings the regular selection of festive season based events, like Christmas markets and tree lighting ceremonies as well as a multitude of snow-related activities. But for something a little different try these events on for size.
Thanksgiving travel packages to Europe have become so popular and inexpensive; it's almost as affordable to take an entire family of four to Paris as it is to drive from Buffalo to Baltimore to see Grandma. Certainly, it's a great option in order to escape the family inquisition for a new boyfriend or girlfriend who hasn't met Mom and Dad yet. Or a great time for a group of city friends who just don't want to cook, or don't have the space to entertain. Any way you look at it, with these prices, you don't need an excuse to see Europe this Thanksgiving. But act fast, these deals expire soon.
As one of the top three travel destinations in the USA, Las Vegas (the other two are Orlando and New York City) has more to offer than just gambling (or "gaming," as the local authorities prefer to call it).
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From editht: "This past July my grandson, Kyle--age 10, and I went on an Elder Hostel Intergenerational."
From Rozanna: "Family of four in Florida, kids are 11 & 16. We love horses and the mountains. We are currently looking into a 2006 dude ranch vacation."
From abmonahan: "Just wondering if anyone has visited great "old time" diners in the US."
From lalabanana: "This can be in any region of the country and please say why if you can!"
From Evelyn: "I will arrive in Paris on a Saturday and plan to visit Versailles on Sunday when the fountains are on display."

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