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Fantastically frugal European vacation packager Go-today has just added another holiday themed package to its wintertime lineup, and what a doozy!
Traditional Thanksgiving and New Year celebrations are usually quite different from one another, going home for a Norman Rockwell-like feast in the first case, dancing your brains out in glitzy surroundings in the second. But the owners of the Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club on Cape Cod would like you to think of them in both instances.
Two codes for two different discounts, it's as simple as that. If you book before December 13, 2002, you can get 30% off most Amtrak tickets if you phone in your reservations, but you can get an additional 5% off if you book online.
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From Georgia Fox: "I just wanted to write a note for all you parents out there who love to travel and try to encourage the same with your kids. My husband and I have taken at least one trip outside of the US per year for the last 15 years, often taking our two daughters along. Now that my oldest is in college, she wanted to explore Europe on her own, but I have to admit that I was a little nervous about her traipsing all over the place using a Eurail pass and staying at hostels."
From Ginny Chizer: "On a wonderful recent riverboat trip down the Danube, with Grand Circle, we were able to relax after a grueling trip over to Munich on Delta. We felt totally neglected, uncomfortable, ate skimpy and unimaginative food; and couldn't wait to get off. Then we had an interminable wait because of fouled-up timing. Fortunately, the return trip was on Lufthansa, and it was delightful! What a difference. We're pretty leary of Delta now."
From Gary Steiger: "I just returned from a long weekend in Yosemite valley and the East side of the Sierra Nevada. The valley is spectacular with fall color, and Lee Vining canyon on the east side was wild with the bright yellow - orange of the turning Quaking Aspin leaves. Presumably all of the canyons with Aspin (like the one out of Bridgeport up Robinson Creed to Twin Lakes) are equally spectacular. Go now, while it lasts."
From Julia Curry: "In November 2001, my husband and I purchased tickets for the Blue Man Group at the Luxor from their Web site. When we arrived at the ticket booth in Vegas, they did not have the tickets that we had purchased. Our only alternative was to fill out a complaint and take seats many rows back from those we ordered. When we saw the show, it didn't matter because we hated it. It consisted of three men pounding as loudly as they could on everything in sight. At the conclusion, huge sheets of heavy paper were pulled from the back of the theater over the heads of the audience. I found it difficult to breath because of this."
This so-called Country Inn is anything but. It's located in one of Vermont¿s most densely populated and commercialized areas Killington, VT ¿ which is fine, however, they sell you the illusion that this Inn is some charming, off the beaten path, lost in the woods little Inn...this couldn¿t be further from the truth. The Vermont Inn is a carefully decorated prop to lure in honest travelers.

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