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Make way for the travel aggregators. They don't sell anything, but they do point you in the right direction of sites that do.
Why settle for A Christmas Carol on TV when you can actually visit Dickens' city of inspiration in winter -- without having to scrimp like Ebeneezer Scrooge -- through one of the many London package deals available in the coming months?
As winter begins to show its teeth across the Northwest, vacations to warm destinations become more than just a hope and a prayer. With the promise of sun, great hotels, spicy food, friendly people and good tequila, it's no wonder Mexico is such a popular choice.
Why should the men and women in suits have all the fun and all the luxury? Business class used to be the domain of the rich and brief-cased, but today, with online booking resources, business class is not only more accessible, but it's becoming increasingly more affordable.
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Reader's Voice
From Phyllis F. Moore: "I went with MISR to Egypt in March with a group. First it started out very large, 60 people and slowly dwindled to 20-30 as the group went their separate ways to different destinations. A lot of these people were not informed of when they would be leaving till the last moment and were left in the dark about other arrangements. The itinerary changed at the last moment and would leave people with no sunscreen or hats due to being packed in luggage; this is just an example. MISR, I believe, overbooked on this trip, due to giving a great rate and getting greedy."
From Tanea Kelley: "Can anyone tell me what the situation is in Venice now with the flooding they recently experienced? I am leaving for a 9 day trip on Nov 17th and Venice is my first stop. Any advice?"
From Bewildered Travler: "Hi everyone Me and my family are taking a vacation to california but dont no what city to choose. L.A. or San Francisco?"
From Lorraine Ball: "As a member of the Indianpolis community, I can tell you we are behind our hometown airline. They are going to make it, because we will not be frightened off by doom and gloom projections. I will be on an ATA flight today, and expect to travel with them again soon!"
From CarolinKC: "Planning our honeymoon almost 25 years ago gave me the travel bug, and I'm still not cured. I love traveling, and I love planning trips, even if I'm not the one taking them -- it's probably one of the few things I'm really passionate about. So, I am considering travel as a career, albeit a late-in-life one, but am unsure about training and job prospects? How is the travel industry doing these days and how hard would it be for someone like me, just starting out?"

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