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Northwest Airlines and its partner KLM have launched an unadvertised sale for Europe during Thanksgiving week, and the fares are quite spectacular, especially to German destinations.
For many, winter is a time for hibernation -- staying in, keeping warm and occasionally, when required, going outside to shovel snow from your driveway. For the lucky, winter is defined by skiing adventures, parties, new year's celebrations and for the most fortunate, it can mean boarding that flight for somewhere exotic and a cultural experience with a difference.
A 10-hour flight time with just a one-hour time difference, New York to Buenos Aires, Argentina is not such a difficult trip. You don't get jet-lagged, and if you sleep on the flight the wear and tear feels like little more than an itch. Same goes for departures from other U.S. gateways.
We've compiled a compendium of awesome fare sales for North America and the Caribbean with most for flights through January. While booking deadlines vary, most sales go kaput within the next couple of weeks.
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From Happy Laughter: "Hi there! Just wondering if anyone is familiar with Adventure Center tours. They were mentioned in Frommer's a few months ago, and I was wondering if anyone has used them. They offer numerous tours that are relatively inexpensive I am looking at taking a tour to Egypt with them. Please provide any feedback you may have on the experience or the company. Thank you!"
From flipman1957: "I got ripped off by Destination Adventures claiming free gift on Branson.com website. When planning a trip to Branson, MO, I tried Branson's site for information. Seeing a free gift icon, naturally I tried it and was offered either 2 show tickets or a 3/2 night stay free. After choosing 3/2 stay I was contacted by Destination Adventures rep. I was offered an extra night plus 2 meals to a restaurant like Red Lobster and 2 tickets to a show, which I had an option to trade either or both for better show like Dixie Stampede for $99."
From Clint: "On recent hotel stays, I have noticed a disturbing trend to the sale of numerous sundry items in hotel rooms, often set out specifically to target the unsuspecting guest. Take, for example, a bottle of Fijian spring water set out by a bathroom sink in a spa hotel (billed at $5). Non-disposable coffee cups provided alongside complimentary tea and coffee ($10 for usage only). A $10 corkscrew set out by the ice bucket. An unrequested newspaper which arrives at the door each day and then appears on one's bill on check-out."
From packman: "On our last trip to Rome we stayed in a convent recommended by Rick Steves. It was like a super clean and quiet hotel (no TV's) and very cheap. Does anyone know of a convent or monasterie in Paris, or how to find out if there are any that rent rooms?"
From stitchintime: "I wanted to tell you about an incident that involves Grand Circle Travel. My husband and I signed up in April for a Sept 6 departure to Thailand, when they told us that only 4 spots were available (out of 40 total spots) . At that time we had to put down a deposit, which ours was $350 person-$700. We paid the balance on time. GCT called us on July 14 to tell us that they cancelled the trip because of low attendence. This was the same tour that was 2 seats short of being sold out when we signed up."

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