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As the industry wraps up one of the most difficult years since the invention of the wheel, it's taken a visible toll on the people who work in travel. Here's how to play nice.
With the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall upon us, I considered myself lucky to be seeing the sites connected to this event just a few days ago.
An independent city trip to Amsterdam, a seven-day tour of Peru, and three more special offers to destinations around the world.
There's no right or wrong way to pop the question, but here are some spots where the scenery may help sway your beloved in the "yes" direction.
Biscayne's watery realm holds some incredible vistas, vistas such as reefs teeming with rainbow-hued fish, corals, and sponges.
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Turks & Caicos Sunset Turks & Caicos Sunset
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From timmartinnh: "There are three to choose from, Beaches Negril, Beaches Sandy Bay and Beaches Boscobel. Mom is reluctant to part from the children, but they will not be going! Which generally has the fewest kids?"
From Emy: "We live in Belgium. We have 27 days. Is it possible to travel with just the two of us or are guided tours necessary?"
From gkim: "I've read that driving in Costa Rica can be a nightmare. Where should we stay so we can enjoy both gorgeous beaches and great restaurants/nightlife?"
From bftobin1: "We would like to do a driving trip of Portugal with our kids in February. Has anyone used an agency that plans your itinerary for a fee?"
From BlakeandMichelle: "We would love great recommendations on where to eat, your top five things to do while in Sorrento (for two people), and would be up for traveling to Positano and see the town there - we hear it's beautiful!"

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