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If you're still casting about for New Year's Eve plans, consider visiting Scotland -- the very birthplace of the New Year's resolution and Robert Burns' beloved anthem, "Auld Lang Syne." Edinburgh's annual Hogmanay, has become Scotland's national festival, and a World-party.com poll ranks it the fourth best party in the world -- ahead of New Orleans' Mardi Gras and Munich's Oktoberfest.
Now that the hurricane and election seasons are both over, it's safe to travel to Florida again. And prices are dropping in welcome. Jet Blue and USAir are offering the best airfare deals, but almost every major carrier, as well as several tour operators, are advertising a package deal or two.
There are still a few places left on this vast planet where you can go and experience all the charm and romance of paradise lost. It may come at an inflated price or take you a few extra hours of traveling -- but it's definitely worth it.
There are two sides to Mexico. The serene but tourist heavy east coast with its newly built resort destinations close to the continental United States, and the wild west with its coastline on the roaring Pacific with surfing-size waves and old school resorts that date back to the 1950s. Towns like long-time vacation capital Acapulco and more recently the emerging Puerto Vallarta offer excellent travel deals to compete with the country's eastern resort packages.
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From John Britt: "I would like to get citizenship and a second passport from an EU country. Which one would you recommend? Also, how would you go about it? I'd appreciate it if anyone could post a link or tell me where I could get more information."
From Matt Mirmak: "A Disney World trip with the kids would not be complete without a character meal. Please share your experiences at any of the Disney resort restaurants that serve character meals."
Over the last 20 years, measured in constant dollars, federal funding for highways has doubled, funding for aviation has more than tripled, while funding for rail has been cut over 30%. We wonder why other industrialized countries have excellent rail systems, while we have to put up with third-world quality. It is because the United States spends less than 1% of the federal transportation budget on rail.
From km131: "What a trip it was! I must thank the members of this forum for their helpful advice and tips. We spent a total of 9 days in the beautiful city. Walked around, soaked in the sights, ate some great food, visited the great museums, watched people, rode on trains, rode on buses, got drunk in tiny cafes and more. For those sitting on the proverbial fence, I would say, go now!"
From Frank G.: "We used Gate1 and stayed at the Beijing Best Western. The trip is $639 out of San Francisco for 7 days. Here are some observations and hints."

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