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Air sales, hotel deals and a slew of holiday events make Washington, D.C. an affordable fall and winter vacation destination for travelers from all over the United States.
Like its regional neighbors, Cambodia boats spectacular ancient sites, stunning religious architecture, rugged jungles, wildlife, secluded white sand beaches and colorful local markets. Unlike them, though, many areas are completely untouched by tourism and offer incredible experiences for the more adventurous traveler.
Confused about whether you do or don't need a passport for next spring's Caribbean vacation? Get the latest information about IDs and discover some deals that'll help cut through the stress of red tape.
Last week we were in northwest Portugal; this week we make our way across the border and up the Galician coast. If you want to see lots of pictures and learn about this part of the world, then come along.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: Washington, D.C.
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Reader's Voice
From dingleace: "I have just set up a collection of pictures taken all around the peninsula."
From kevinthebassist: "I'm honeymooning in Greece next July. My fiancee and I are kind of outdoors-y and think backpacking on Mt. Olympus would be a fun thing to do."
From cmolina: "My husband and I are going to London on the 11th and wanted to get some restaurant tips. I gave up on English food a long time ago."
From wrightthen: "I posted this message because I've got to ask a work-related question that for some reason I'm too embarrassed to ask at work. The problem is that I work in the tech industry, and revealing my technical ignorance I'm afraid would earn me some derision."
From lil brennan: "Four seniors need an apartment-style place in a good and safe area in Paris."

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