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You can always take your chances and stand in line at the TKTS booths in lower Manhattan or Times Square waiting with the throng to get reduced-price tickets to Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. There's nothing wrong with this, of course; we, in fact, usually recommend this approach because it saves you money. But it doesn't always save you time. We'd like you to know there's a way to save both simply by joining--for free--a discount club.
Veteran's Day 2001 saw an unprecedented coming-together of travel offers and discounts under the auspices of one organization, the Travel Industry Association of America, to give a kick start to the stagnant travel economy. They called the promotion "See America," and we're happy to say that one year later they're continuing to prod travel service providers across the board to offer sales and discounts.
USAir and Northwest Airlines have reduced prices for travel on specific dates and specific routes to give travelers a true gift for the holiday season that's just around the corner.
With prices sliding lower than ever for this coming winter, some Americans are still sitting on their hands, hedging their bets that prices will drop even lower before they book tickets to Europe. The British Tourist Authority is tired of waiting for these people to make up their minds. "Just go!" is what they say, and with these prices to London and beyond, you'd be less than wise to wait any longer.
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From Marie Kilker: "Three times my husband and I have cancelled plans to go to Brazil because we would not have had the time to get visas before the trips or, as in the case of the last time we cancelled a cruise on the Amazon, because we thought it would take too long and also be too expensive to order visas through an expediting service."
From Joe Lastra: "I spent four days and three nights in St Louis, and I was pleasantly surprised. I stayed downtown at the Mayfair. It's very cool the way downtown is set up, everything is close and within walking distance: Lacledes/Arch, the Dome, Busch Stadium, Kiel Arena, Union Station (with the Metrolink connecting them all). I even went diving down in Bonne Terre mines, which was a unique and interesting dive. I highly suggest it."
From Robert Leslie Fisher: "My wife and I are enthusiastic offseason travellers to Europe. We jumped at the chance to visit Amsterdam this past Christmas week when last summer we were tipped by Frommer's to a great air/hotel package. And we were not disappointed. Frommer's suggestions for places to visit and restaurants proved reliable. However, there were some minor irritations that other people considering a visit to Amsterdam should be aware of before booking."
From Sheryl Williams: "My husband and I just returned from the Czech Republic. We booked our trip through Summit International Travel based on a recommendation in the Frommers.com Newletters. This was without a doubt one of the best trips I have ever taken, and, without a doubt, we will be going back."
From L. Strauss: "Over the past two weeks, I have sent two e-mail messages to China Focus inquiring about certain aspects of two of its trips: the 22 day China and 3 Gorges tour and the 19 day China, 3 Gorges and Hong Kong tour. Neither e-mail message was returned to me as undeliverable. The questions that I had were not trivial, and my queries related to the connecting flights to/from the east coast to San Francisco."

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