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Cast Your Ballot Now for Top Destinations 2010: You've nominated your favorite places, now it's time to vote for the Frommer's Top Destinations 2010 Reader Favorite. Vote once a day between now and November 23.
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The debate about health-care reform seems to be ignoring a significant group of Americans: international travelers. Especially since most of them travel without adequate coverage.
Facing off across a loopy stretch of the Mississippi, Minneapolis and St. Paul carry on like rivals. But they're united on one score: the white-hot synergy of the region's culinary scene.
Thinking of ditching the big turkey dinner with the in-laws and running away on vacation? Here are just a few of the many resorts offering fun, activity-filled schedules over the long Thanksgiving weekend.
Ireland is a moderate climate, so off-season travel isn't entirely out of the picture if you want to avoid crowds, save a bundle, and cozy up next to a peat fire in a pub with a pint of Guinness.
Take one of two double package trips to Southeast Asian or South American country pairs, or choose from three more trips to destinations around the world.
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Old Town Beach, Budva, Montenegro Old Town Beach, Budva, Montenegro
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Reader's Voice
From Nancyk: "I am attending a conference in January in Ahmedabad. Then I want to go on to Napur for a few days and fly back to Boston from Mumbai."
From jcd29: "My family and I are going to be in LA December 31st to January 4th. We were thinking about celebrating the New Year at Disneyland, but I'm not sure if it'll be too cramped."
From adamevan: "Is February a good time to go, I am getting different information about the weather. I can see that the beaches are amazing as is the water, but is there anything else to do?"
From beetle231: "We would like to explore the interior. Any suggestions about where to stay and possible itineraries are welcome."
From elliott: "Need help deciding which would be more interesting, varied and unique. Considering a trip to either Cotopaxi or the jungle."

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