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Two sales are bringing down holiday-season hotel rates for clean, comfortable rooms in both New York and San Francisco. With prices as low as $69 for charming boutique hotels, these lodgings make a big-city Christmas a very affordable proposition.
The latest Aer Lingus sale makes it easy to see Ireland and beyond for the price of a few cases of Guinness. Roundtrip starts from $198.
The holidays will be soon be here, kicked off by that mad travel weekend that is Thanksgiving. Here we look at three current domestic offers that might make your holiday travel through New Year's a little easier, both on your sanity and your wallet. These rates are affordable, two deals feature kitchens en suite and all include little extras to entice you.
Need to stay in touch while you're away? Here's a handy rundown of how to get a phone without a hassle.
The Sonesta Hotels chain is a pretty exclusive bunch of properties, so it's quite something when they offer rates as low as $99 or a second room free. These and several other reduced rates from Sonesta are well worth looking into if you want to step above budget-priced properties and sleep in snazzier quarters this winter.
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Affordable Stays in Miami
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From Diana Luger: "I'm researching foreign villages in the U.S. Does anyone know of any? I'm not looking for settlements in large cities, but rather entire towns that are a particular nationality and are tourist friendly and interesting. Thanks."
From Lyn Clarke: "Has anyone one signed up for Bestfares.com? They seem to offer good prices, but I can't tell if it is like Priceline and you find out the flight after you pay. Anyone know how this works and if it is worth it? Thanks."
From Danielle Von: "Most guidebooks suggest to have airport workers hand check your film for best picture results. I have never done this and wonder if my pictures would turn out better if I did. They do turn out hazy. Is it the overcast weather or x-ray exposure? Has anyone reading this ever had there film hand checked? Do the people working ever have a problem with checking it?"
From kyoung: "I'm looking for Hawaii's best beach. Many experts and magazines have their opinions, and there are many critieria used. Which is your favorite beach?"
Frommer's readers weigh in on their experiences flying new kid on the budget block, Song Airlines.

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