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Expert travelers from the Frommer's editorial team sit down to discuss where you should go in the coming year.
British Columbia's urban and country duo have much to offer those seeking a wide range of travel experiences: good food and wine, museums and, now that winter is approaching, a multitude of snowy activities.
Travel has always been a quest that means different things to different people -- for some it is pure hedonism and a chance to escape the norms of life. But for others, traveling re-affirms their faith or brings religious texts to life, and is the most fulfilling type of journey.
Here's a round-up of all that's new in England since Frommer's England 2007 came out.
Tourists of all ages from the world are drawn to Boston' cobblestone streets to see the site of the world's famous Tea Party, historic buildings such as the first Federal Reserve, museums packed with portraits of America's founding fathers, and Newbury Street's trendy shops.
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Reader's Voice
From Frommers.com Editors: "If you listened to the Frommers.com Podcast, you know where we're headed in 2007. Enough about us: Where do you want to go in the upcoming year?"
From zautumn: "I spent 4 days in Cambodia this summer as part of a Thailand/Cambodia/Japan 18-day trip. I did a lot of research using this board so wanted to post my trip report and photos for fellow future trip planners."
From kent2780: "I am going with my wife for the first time to Puerto Vallarta in January-February for a week. We will really appreciate any suggestions for a place to stay and any intersting places to visit."
From kvander: "So we will be arriving in Rome in May. We'll have 6 days to kill before heading back to the states. I looked at several intra-Europe flights on Ryannair and was shocked at the prices."
From kurick: "My husband and are experienced travel junkies in our late 40s. This is our first trip to Peru. We are used to organizing our own trips and traveling independently."

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