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Do you love flying JetBlue (those comfy leather seats, DIRECTV, XM Satellite Radio, delicious Blue Terra Chips) but prefer to book your entire vacation on one website and keep things simple? The carrier has finally moved into territory that others have tread for so long: Package Vacations.
Travel pundits say that Mexico City is a "museum" in itself with over 2,000 historical buildings and active archeology digs searching for Aztec wonders, most of them near the largest public square in the world called the El Zocalo. All those sites, along with ancient cities just an hour away and the nearby mountain city of Cuernavaca, where Mexico City's affluent crowd has weekend homes, make Mexico City a vacation unto itself, not just a layover for Mexico's beach regions.
European cities and the state of Colorado shine in this week's collection of the strongest sales running. If those aren't your cup of tea, don't fret: Southwest and JetBlue open up the skies with cut-rate prices as well.
Airline seats are getting smaller as Americans are getting bigger. Sound like a recipe for air rage? Fortunately, there are some ways to beat the (cramped) system.
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Check out JetBlue's new package deals to Las Vegas
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From irvshore: "For those so inclined to save money, open an account with Charles Schwab Bank (a new endeavor of the brokerage house). They will reimburse the fees (up to a high limit) charged by the bank whose ATM is used and also, reimburse the % charged for tranactions in foreign countries on purchases."
From erink: "WOW! Just got back Saturday night, and I'm already planning the next trip! Thank you all so much for all of your help! Forgive me if I'm a little long winded . . . "
From nmlhats: "Please use these sites to plan your trip to New Orleans. We need you to come back! Hotels and restaurants are opening daily, and the only way many of our retailers and other services can expand their hours is if the visitors come back, too!"
From sbp59: "We just came back from a great weekend trip to St. Augustine and wanted to pass on our experiences."
From jp047: "Can anyone please give me some insight on how hard a trip to China with the Yangtze River would be.? On a 20-day trip we would be staying in 7 different hotels plus the river boat. This trip would include Beijing, Shanghi, Xian, Guilin, Suzhou and Hong Kong, and there is a possibility of adding 3 cities of Japan with this trip. Are there many hills to walk, many stairs to climb? My husband is 65 with knee pain so I have great concern about this trip."

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