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If you're a pair of youthful travelers willing to commit to a trip between April 1 and October 30, 2004, the second traveler flies for $99. That translates into a savings of up to $500 per person for your duo, but only if you book by December 31, 2003.
Think you've discovered Europe? Think again. In the middle of the Mediterranean, there's a trio of islands with a 7,000-year history where the friendly locals speak British-inflected English, where prehistoric, Arab and Christian civilizations have left their marks and where the medieval streets are studded with gorgeous cathedrals.
These intensely cheap packages costs from $73 to $87 per person per night giving you centrally located accommodatins, great food and access to almost everything the city has to offer.
Globus, one of the world's biggest tour operators, is probably the good-witch to turn to when the mood for out-of-the-ordinary strikes. It offers Castle & Villa Stays, which range from a ch¿teau in Provence to a villa in Tuscany, royal lodgings in Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Scotland.
Deluxe and budget packages to Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai other Asian cities are on the block for travel through March 2004.
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Reader's Voice
From Robert Boehm: "Frommer¿s has long had a little note about SERVICE COMPRIS on a bill meaning that the tip is included. The wait staff still likes to mislead and squeeze the Americans, and seem more aggressive than ever."
From Shawn Rosvold: "I just booked a trip from NYC to LA on America West and I'm thrilled about flying non-stop to LA for $256 at Thanksgiving. I do have a complaint, though. When I tried to create a profile on AWA I was hit with five or six security questions to fill in. I found that excessive and I told them so. One-perhaps two-fine. But five or six? I don't think so."
Mike Frederick: "Recently my wife and I bought our third United Vacations package of the year. This one was for an early Christmas morning departure from DC to Quebec where we'd arrive in time to spend the day and have a nice holiday dinner. The purchase was made over the phone and, unbeknownst to us, they added $49 each for trip insurance."
John Knight: "I am trying to put a trip together to Dubai. Can anyone suggest a travel agent to help or offer any advice please? I can do it off of British Airways, and it looks affordable. But, I have nothing else to compare."
From Malinda: "I am needing to replace my Sony Digital camera MVC-FD73. Are there any suggestions from you folks? Thanks!"
From Alicia Deavens: "I am interested in taking a road trip around the United States, stopping and visiting local festivals. I have been planning to do this for some time and I am looking for dates and locations of different festivals. Preferrably ones involving food so I can taste the local flavors. (Tour guides only suggest the most popular and larger city festivals.)"

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