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For a close encounter of the Cetacean kind, you have plenty of options, as dolphins inhabit all of the world's oceans from the tropics to polar regions.
Although aspects of this act have been widely criticized, most experts agree U.S. airports are more secure under federal jurisdiction than they were before the September 11 attacks. Beginning this Friday, airports have three weeks to apply for the right to restore a private workforce under TSA supervision.
The North Coast of Venezuela looks out on the Caribbean and up to Central America. The lazy days, hot sun and strong breezes make for good vacation time and a smart alternative to the more developed Caribbean destinations.
Despite a travel embargo that has been in place since 1963, Americans have long had a fascination with Cuba. Recent events serve to make it less likely than ever than restrictions will be eased.
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From Dan Pridgen: "It seems I contantly run across the word 'touristy' when reading the message boards. Many people seem to denigrate the concept of 'tourist' as opposed to 'traveler.' I have been taking trips both domestically and abroad for about 35 years and find there seems to be an elitist element out there. These individuals appear to consider certain areas, restaurants, activities, etc. to be somehow beneath them. The reason seems to be simply because they are regarded as 'touristy.' These individuals appear to hold the belief that travel must somehow rise to some unspecified level of acceptance and conform to unspoken and unlisted rules that classify the experience as meaningful travel rather than tourism."
From Arturo Gadoy: "I have asked travel agents in the past, 'What is the cheapest time to travel to X in the Off Season?' They tell me there is no such thing as an Off Season. Baloney, Frommer's has it in the article. Does a list of travel destinatiions and their corresponding Off Season times exist anywhere? Doesn't matter where since I am retired; I'm mainly interested in US destinations and Western Europe, etc."
From Donna Copley: "In planning trips, I depend heavily on what I read on this website so, even though our trip was similar to others, I thought I would report on ours, too. Especially to all the folks wondering how much they can really accomplish in just one week, the answer is: A lot!"
From Daniel Davidson: "I thought everyone should know that there are problems at Gate1 Travel. My experience begins with tyring to book a trip to London that was not part of the online selection. I called the 800 number and booked a trip over the Thanksgiving holiday. I made a deposit using a credit card and was told I would receive in invoice via mail and e-mail. A week later after still not receiving an invoice Gate1 called and indicated they were having problems getting me the invoice via e-mail. We corrected that problem and I mailed the check the next day. Two weeks later I recevied a call telling me that the airline tickets were lost and that they could only book me on a multi-leg trip or change my dates altogether, neither of which was an option."
From Skip Jones: "I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the bicycling tours offered in France? I am an avid cyclist and will be turning 50 next year and as a present to myself, would like to do an ultimate cycle trip. I am a big guy and while a few hills are okay, I would prefer routes that aren't too mountainous and cover 25¿50 miles per day. Right now my thoughts are the Loire Valley and staying in some grand chateaus dining on wonderful cuisine after a day of cycling. Any other helpful suggestions would be appreciated!"

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