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Fearful of traveling to places where they don't speak your language? Here are two outfits that turn that weakness into a strength. The first allows you to travel to places where you'll be taught a foreign language (native to the teachers, foreign to you). The second, in somewhat of a reverse, allows you to travel to teach a foreign language (native to you--it's English, foreign to them--they're Spanish).
Typically, this is not the time of year when we would be letting you in on deals to Caribbean destinations. It's high season, after all, and this not when anyone should expect a deal. However, the hotel industry is still bumping along since September 11, 2001, not having fully regained their usual occupancy rates. And what better way to push a recovery than to put it all on sale--up to 25% off air and hotel packages throughout the Caribbean.
Winter weather usually equals a drop in tourism for any non-skiing locale. It's understandable; most people don't want to spend their leisure time shivering in the cold. But with a little foresight--long underwear, for instance--wintertime is the absolute best time for off-peak travel.
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From Dolly-ellen Friedman: "On the suggestion of Robert Haru Fisher of Frommer's, we took the Windsurf from Rome to Nice. What a great trip! The ship (a cruise ship with sails) was absolutely glorious, the meals, the informal dress, and the ports made this (our first cruise) memorable. We could go to the bridge, watch the navigation of the ship, incredible at night, and ask all the questions we could think of. The price, including the discount of 100 bucks because of Frommer's, included the airfare."
From Tally Ho: "I have been singing the praises of the French Experience travel agency for two years. I have taken two trips to Paris in a 12 month period of time, and there was no discounter on the web that could beat their prices if you must fly out of an airport other than the few major ones. But just as important as their pricing was their knowledge. Each and every employee is a native of France and they know each destination intimately. They know the hotels they recommend inside out."
From Ray Sanborn: "I read a travel article "Winds Howl, Waves Crash, Tourists Visit" about Winter Getaways and Oregon Coastal towns. Has anyone has any experience in this area? Supposedly there are several hotels offering specials and romantic locations along the Oregon Coast where you can be close to the raging surf."
From Kathy Kapes: "This is in reply to your article in today's Newsletter. Coincidentally, we are from Northeast PA and had friends visit last week from Colorado. We spent several days doing road trips of this area. We enjoyed a morning shopping in Peddler's Village in Lahaska and had a great little lunch in the Italian Deli there (can't remember the name). New Hope is going downhill and I wouldn't recommend wasting time there. Our visitors enjoyed Eckley Miner's Village near Hazleton, and the Yuengling brewery tour in Pottsville."
From Malini Bhatt: "My boyfriend and I will be staying in San Juan for 6 days. We're already booked at an inn, but would like to make day trips and pack as much in as possible. I appreciate any and all responses. What "must" we experience during our short trip? Which place's phosphorescent bay is better, Vieques or Laja? Is it safe to drive back in the middle of the night from, say, Laja to SJ? (We're both admittedly Spanish-impaired Americans, but of ethnic origins that enable us to blend in w/ Latinos.) Any restaurant/nightclub/bar recommendations? (We're in our mid-20s). Any other tips are definitely welcome. Thanks in advance!

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