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Renault Eurodrive is offering an end of year promotion to its U.S. customers with $100 off the price of 17- to 30-day leases and $200 off any lease 31 days and longer.
If you can't get there, watch the films of Barry Levinson and John Waters. If you can get there, take advantage of these low airfares, hotel deals, sites and attractions.
Bonjour! Last week we left off on an Irish ferry from Wexford, Ireland to Cherbourg, France. Let's just say I'm happy to be on land again. From Cherbourg we travel via train to Paris, then to La Rochelle.
Head to the city where many of country music's hopefuls come to cut their teeth, get noticed, and make it big.
How to shape your writing and then market it successfully is the subject of a travel writing workshop being held down in balmy Key West this coming January.
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From mayanprincesa: "I decided on a whim to buy a round-trip ticket to Jakarta since I have been talking about it for what seems like forever. I am a seasoned traveler who has traveled alone worldwide. I have been counseled to go to Bali, but I have only have six days over there and don't know if it is best to try to fly there, go overland or just make it a separate trip. Can a single female American get enough out of staying on Jakarta, Java and visiting the markets, or will I forever regret not buying the ticket to Bali?"
From travelpixie: "Hello there! I'm going to India in the middle of December and wanted to know if anynone knows of any any cool boutique hotels, sort of like the Standard or W? I'll be in Mumbai, Delhi, Kerala and possibly Maderai. Thank you so much!"
From Ceri1: "I have just arrived home from a 5 day holiday from NYC. I have had the most amazing time and am now looking forward at going back sometime next year -- depending how long it takes to pay off the credit card! I had such a terrific time visiting the likes of Empire State Building, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, Central Park - (what a lovely place to chill out and relax).
From Dick the pilot: "I just read the article on bigger seats. I have been getting the "bigger seats" on United for awhile. I found out about them because I always go to www.seatguru.com after I buy a ticket. I then find out the best seats on the particular aircraft that I am assigned to and, if available, change the seat. United releases the "premium seats" within 24 hours of the flight, and I have always been successful in changing my seat assignment to those seats. They are held for people that pay extra for the privilege, but if they have no takers, they release them to anyone."
From sherjas: "My family and I booked tickets non-stop on Delta from SLC to Cancun over our 5 night Christmas break. Today I pulled up my itinerary and found that I did not have seat assignments. I called Delta to get seats re-assigned. I was told that the flights had been cancelled and I had two options: have my ticket price refunded or take alternate flights to Cancun if available (which they weren't unless we accepted two stopovers and a next day arrival). When I asked why I hadn't been contacted I was told they hadn't gotten around to that yet."

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