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Europe may look at first glance like a continent of cities, but that's not the case. Europe still has towering forests, untouched villages and rolling, rural hills. In general, you need a car to explore Europe's open spaces and secret places.
Many travelers think of national park visits as essentially summer outings, with sightings of bears, geysers and babbling brooks to dip your toes in. Savvy travelers also know that winter in the parks means cross country skiing, snowshoeing and having the place practically all to yourself.
Prompted by readers' questions, we answer how the change in currency could affect your purchasing power in a foreign land.
Mickey Mouse just turned 75 yesterday, and he still looks great. You can see for yourself with any of these affordable packages to the Orlando area and Disney World.
For 20 years, Wimco has been introducing Americans and Brits alike to the idea of vacationing in Caribbean villas. Operating out of both London and Newport, Rhode Island, the company has over 750 villas located on 12 different Caribbean islands at its disposal. With the addition of more properties and new packages, Wimco is worth a gander
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Reader's Voice
From Sarah Stewart: "I'm looking for your best inexpensive, discount, or downright cheap and free travel tips when vacationing Maui."
From Alicia Deavens: "I am interested in taking a road trip around the United States, stopping and visiting local festivals. I have been planning to do this for some time and I am looking for dates and locations of different festivals. Preferrably ones involving food so I can taste the local flavors. (Tour guides only suggest the most popular and larger city festivals.)"
From BLBA: "We stayed at the Apple Core Hotels in NYC, we had a large group in town for a wedding, some stayed at the Comfort Inn and we stayed at the Super 8. We got a room for 4 which was two rooms. It was clean and nicer than I expected. We were pleased with the accommodations, the location and the price."
From Maria Sandez: "I heard a report on NPR radio about a new item being sold in mail order catalogs etc. that you can use to make it impossible for the seat in front of you to recline. Some airlines have banned it, but people interviewed in the radio report seem to be using it. Have any of you ran into this situation or want to comment?"
From Stephen Glasser: "I want to exchange a large amount of dollars into Euros before a lengthy trip to Europe. The best rate I can find is $1.23 sell when the rate is 1.17 buy. I need the best rates and places. I'm near L.A. Also, How much can you take out of the country (USA) when you travel."
From KVR: "We stayed at the Holiday Inn in early November. Here are our experiences and feedback."

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