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The Scandinavian winter has its charms, beyond the powdery slopes, frigid fj¿rds, and pickled fish available year-round.
Sick of using Euros, US or Canadian dollars to buy your $100 lift tickets, $50 dinners and $10 beers? How about using Roubles, Tolar, Lei or Koruny to buy a $5 gourmet meal and a 50¿ vodka instead?
A recent report by a consortium of consumer advocates found that U.S. and U.K. sites often lag behind Belgian and German online travel agents in finding the lowest fares. Where should you look for low fares?
To give you a head start on shopping, here are three of our favorite purveyors of travel goods and merchandise.
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From Jackie MacNeil: "On several flights to Europe, I have become very ill. The flight attendants seems to ascribe it to the air quality. One commented that the pilot was about to 'exchange' the air soon. Now that most flights are full, it means that the air in the planes are always going to be a problem for me. Getting close to the front of the plane is one solution, but I am not wealthy enough to pay for business or first class. Has anyone had any luck with the devices I see advertised in in-flight magazines that are worn around the neck and claim to purify the air you breathe? These devices go for around $100. I would consider buying one if I knew they really worked."
From Shan Socha: "I am taking a trip to Ho Chi Minh City really soon, and keep wavering on whether to book a specific, fascinating-looking tour. I am seeing the advice on this message board not to book a tour ahead unless you have 'too much money.' I don't have too much money and don't want to be duped into paying too much. However I know what it's like to get into a country where I don't speak the language and feel baffled, and find that it is not so easy to get information as I had expected. Can someone explain to me how you actually go about finding the good services once you get to HCMC? Especially tours and reasonably-priced (but decent) hotels."
From Carol Rowe: "We are taking our family of 3 grandchildren, ages 10-14, and 6 adults to Bermuda for Thanksgiving break. (No turkey dinner!) Any recommendations for family friendly eateries for dinners, not too expensive, in Hamilton area? We plan to do picnic type lunches. Any other ideas for youngsters that will be open this time of year?"
From Paul Laure: "I live in Scranton, PA, and I'm interested in visiting the Twin Cities in the not-so-distant future, having heard about what a nice, attractive region it is. As an architectural buff, I'm looking forward to strolling down Summit Avenue in Saint Paul and along Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. Besides these two regions, where else in the Twin Cities could I find a nice collection of historic homes, preferably even some with tours? Thanks very much in advance for your help!"
From Al Gray: "Whlle not an item of 'soapbox' importance, does anyone find it annoying that airlines advertise prices for one way travel, but in the fine print, announce these fares require a round trip purchase? Isn't this a little bit like a grocery store advertising a low price for a half gallon of milk, but requiring a purchase of a full gallon to get the price?"

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