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Count the 32 shades of green this spring in Ireland and save $224 per person.
On a recent trip to Bend, Ore., I discovered that cheaper can actually mean more expensive. The scam was perpetrated by a service station selling unleaded gas that's 10 cents cheaper than the other stations along the road.
The region of Emilia-Romagna is known for its elegant medieval cities, sun-soaked Adriatic beaches, and some of the best cuisine in Italy: Bologna has its pasta and meat sauces, Parma its famed ham and parmigiano cheese, and Modena the world's finest balsamic vinegar.
Anyone who has ever served in the armed forces, or is otherwise a federal or state employee, can take advantage of a rather remarkable sale offered by the Armed Forces Vacation Club -- book a vacation home or apartment or a flat $299 covering a seven-night stay.
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A market in Bologna. A market in Bologna.
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Reader's Voice
From Donna Cuervo: "Is it expected to tip the person who meets and greets you at your apartment rental and shows you how the appliances work? I haven't left anything yet. I've just been wondering what others are doing."
From GailH: "Our cruise ship will be at Komodo Island for one day and we would like to visit the National Park to see a komodo dragon. I'm not sure how that's done. I'd appreciate recommendations for a driver/guide or company that does tours. We tender into a dock. Will there be people there that can provide transportation?"
From Colleen Kemp: "I have read most of the discussions about road trips here between LA - San Francisco, but I am seeking specific advice when traveling with a 16-, a 12- and an 8-year-old. The kids have specific requests, and I'm trying to build those into the itinerary (Hollywood, Disneyland, Alcatraz, Big Sur, and redwoods). We have a solid 7 days with 2 days extra for travel to/from Washington, D.C."
From midwestusa: "Hello! My family and I are planning our first trip to Hawaii. I've read through the forums and have a few books. I'm hoping you can help us make some decisions."

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