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Here are three things we know about our readers; they love affordable travel, they love learning and they love good food. Here's something else we know; you can combine all three by spending a week at the Mexican Home Cooking School just outside of Tlaxcala, Mexico. If visions of Taco Bell and Chi-Chis just crossed your mind, think again. This is decidedly authentic and time-tested; the cuisine is a peppery blend of indigenous cultures (Olmec, Mayan and Aztec) sprinkled with the colonial flavors of the French and Spanish.
Asia will continue to be the region of choice for discerning travelers next year, and no more so than China and Singapore; the former a land of honorable bargains, the latter a city-state of veritable value. Here are some current deals worth a gander, the lowest starting from $599.
You want to take the family (or a group) to Hawaii, but tremble at the thought of those hotel bills? Why not jump on the condo bandwagon? It's a growing trend, as well it should be, when a condo sleeping four goes for just $99 a night on the gorgeous island of Kauai.
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Reader's Voice
From Doug Eads: "I am posting this with the most sincere interest for all of us. On Air France flight 304 Nov 16, 2002 we had a medical emergency. 1 1/2 hours from North America over the Atlantic northern route a lady age 60 or so fell to the floor unresponsive. Luckily there were two excellent physicians aboard and the correct expertise: an ER doctor and an anesthesiologist. There was a medical kit but herein started a series of questions Air France needs to address. The kit medications were labeled in French only and the doctors had to get translations."
From Mary Anne Poore: "It is not necessary to go on with a tour group to India. In fact, it is a lot more interesting, and usually much cheaper, to go on your own. Not entirely on your own -- you use private drivers and private guides throughout the country. You can simply fly to Bombai (Mumbai), New Delhi, or Madras and arrange all your travel upon arrival. You may go where and when you please, stay as long as you like, choose the hotel that you can afford, and mingle with the people as you never can on a bus tour."
Jennifer Mucha: "This is my first trip to New Orleans, and we are staying at the 1891 Castle Inn in December. My boyfriend and I are in our upper 20's. I have read that would it be better to stay in the French Quarter. We are partiers, but we also want to stay somewhere romantic. Is the castle alright? I get nervous about places like this."
From Victoria Jackson: "I wanted to share my holiday to Barbados to alert others to be somewhat careful when traveling there. Though I have traveled there twice previously, I have never encountered that of my last and most recent trip. Of course me and family assumed it would be as wonderful as in previous times but it was not to be. We traveled on a great deal through an advertised "best of Barbados". Our bad luck started when we arrived and the taxi driver who took us to our hotel charged us 4 times the amount the ride should cost."
From Annie Cieslukowski: "How does one travel with an infant? My husband and I love to travel, but it seems that with an infant, you have to take so much stuff that it's hardly worth it. Plus, our little guy is just getting on a schedule. How do you handle naps, etc.? We do take car trips, but at some point, would like to venture farther afield. Any suggestions?"

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