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Cruise ships and holidays are a natural match: Both are in the good-times business. And when you sail during the holiday season you get the fun of built-in parties and feast-quality meals plus someone else to cook them, someone else to do the decorating and entertaining, and someone else to clean up the mess afterward. The only thing they don't do is write out your cards.
The Emerald City's southside is aiming to become the premier center for travelers to the Pacific Northwest. It boasts one of the nation's best air and space museums, a huge shopping mall, the largest indoor market in Washington State, and one of the wildest Six Flags parks.
For those people who wait 'til the last minute to make travel plans, we offer you this Thanksgiving platter chock full o' domestic getaways for the upcoming holiday week all from Site59.
Thanks to airlines like Easyjet, Ryanair, the EuropeByAir Flight Pass and the like, you can now hop across the continent for $40 or so, saving hours of train travel and landing in fascinating towns, ever so slightly off the beaten path.
As we pointed out on Wednesday, as the temperature drops, so do the prices on rates for overnighting in our national parks. Today, we've got special rates in Zion and Death Valley, plus an educational package for the Grand Canyon.
Frommers.com is sending one lucky winner and a guest to an exclusive resort in Bonaire! Enjoy a four-day/three-night at an Antillean getaway for two in a newly remodeled, one-bedroom suite at Harbour Village.
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From Roxanne Richards: "After our cruise, we arrived at the Orlando airport at 9:15am. Our flight was not until 4pm. We were flying Southwest, so we couldn't fly standby unless we upgraded to full fare -- over $400! They also would not let us check our bags until 3-4 hours prior to departure. There is also nowhere to store the luggage. Luckily, there is a wonderful Hyatt in the airport. We got a daily rate of $60, good until 6pm."
From Anya Ciecierski: "We rented a car recently from Avis. When we returned the car, the agent checked it, we signed the paperwork and were on our way. Three months later we have received a letter from Damage Investigation regarding a large scratch on the car done during our rental period. When I called my credit card regarding coverage they said that claims need to be filed within 20 days of the rental period. I am upset that Avis did not bring this to our attention sooner. Does anyone know if there is a time limit on car rental damage claims or had a similar experience?"
From Bamma "Just returned from Paris the first week of November on a GoToday package. This was our 4th trip with GoToday, a company that has made it affordable for us to travel. Paris was wonderful. The city is clean & beautiful, very easy to navigate on foot since you can see the landmarks. We found it to be quiet compared to the US - or even Rome. That is probably due in part to the beautiful language."
From Dos Gringos: "Just posted a travel journal with photos detailing our visit and volunteer work in the state of Yucatan earlier this year. We spent a month at Rancho Komchen de los Pajaros, an ecotourism ranch located 30km from Merida which was hard hit by hurricane Isidore in September 2002. We had contacted them about accommodations over Xmas and New Year's 2002-2003 but learned from the owner Ana Maria that the ranch was in a sorry state. So we offered to help as volunteers."
From Elizabeth Austen: "I am going to London next week on the 26th and returning on the 30th, I always go to AAA and purchase American Express Travelers Checks in pounds sterling before traveling to England. Today I went and to my horror was told that the exchange rate was $1.81 per pound sterling."

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