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Trust me: having a working cell phone when you're on a trip can help a lot. You can double-check reservations, receive emergency calls from the cat-, dog- or babysitter, and soothe culture shock with a minute or two of a familiar voice.
It may be turning cooler in the final days of fall, but things are just heating up when it comes to America's wintertime events schedule. Hats, scarves and mittens are optional.
Since it's rare that the South sees snow in winter, those seeking an escape may be pleased to know there is no shortage of cheap, last-minute flights to these Atlantic Ocean-facing, frigid weather-resistant Southeastern states.
The sleuths at Airfare Watchdog have uncovered the latest sales including a blowout on flights in and out of Atlanta, a systemwide sale from Southwest, specials to Tokyo, Phnom Penh and many Mexican cities.
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Catch a flight to Mexico City
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Reader's Voice
From FloItaly: "I developed skin problems after trips to Cuba and Mexico in the past four years. My arms and legs broke out with dozens of small red itchy bumps and they last for a long time. After Cuba, I was under a dermatologist's care for about a year. She took biopsies, prescribed drugs, and referred me to her colleagues. Could never figure out why. Same thing happened after I went to Mexico this year. I've been in Italy, Japan, and U.K. in between these two trips with no problems. Dr. suggested that I not travel to warm climates!"
From mrtravel: "I want to go eat at those yakitori (grilled skewers) stalls when I visit Tokyo. wWhere can I find them?"
From littlebear: "Just wondering if anyone has swapped their house for a vacation? We live in Florida and are thinking of going to Boston for about a week during the Christmas period. Having just spent three weeks in California during which time we stayed in both hotels and rental apartments, we definitely prefer the latter. Any comments would be gratefully received."
From margareta: "For an upcoming trip I don't plan to attempt to use a cell phone, but I would like to be able to find my travel partner should one or the other of us wander the wrong way. Has me wondering: anyone out there ever used a walkie-talkie for the purpose? I met a fellow who uses them to keep in touch w/ his kids at football games (in the U.S.) but have no idea whether this would work in Europe or for greater distances than 300 yards etc. If you've gone this route I'd love to hear what you've learned."
From Dick the pilot: "My wife and I have been on 15 religious tours in the last 9 years. We have been to the Holy Land 4 times, and we have traveled all over Europe and the Middle East. The best agency to work with is called Unitours. They do Catholic pilgrimages and are first class. The guides are very knowledgeble, and the spiritual and cultural experience is amazing. We highly recommend them."

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