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Check out these 10 affordable -- and useful -- gift ideas for travelers. We'll understand if you can't resist buying a few of these great travel gifts for yourself.
Taking off for the long weekend? Pack light and look stylish with these smart packing tips for urban adventures.
If you're headed to the airport over Thanksgiving, take pity on the flight crew and your fellow passengers. Here are 10 ways to get through your holiday flight without alienating other travelers.
These 10 train routes have the fastest maximum speeds in the world, and they're almost all faster than flying -- especially if you count traveling to and from airports and security hassles.
Visit Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island; see the Bay of Fundy; go on safari in Namibia; tour Thailand in the spring; or check out Sydney and Melbourne.
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A palapa in Cozumel, Mexico A palapa in Cozumel, Mexico
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Reader's Voice
From ronin1770: "Are there any good travel apps available (preferably for free) for Android-based smartphones?"
From BarbaraAnn: "I've decided to go solo to Provence in June for two weeks. I'm planning to make Avignon my home base and take day tours. What would make an ideal itinerary without renting a car?"
From Shazle: "Is there a difference in booking tours for the Tulum area ahead of time online versus booking when you arrive in Mexico at the resort? We're staying at Dreams Tulum."
From Dan Miller18: "I'm going to Italy in May and am looking for feedback on the best tour companies. Anyone have any experiences with Contiki or Gate 1? Any better suggestions?"

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