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Rio and Buenos Aires are a powerful pair in a number of package deals available now. We may be moving into high season, at the other end of the world, but with the dollar raging strong in South America, there has never been a better time to tango and samba over the course of the same vacation.
Despite popular belief, Key West and its neighboring islets escaped those horrible storms that decimated Florida's east and west coasts this past hurricane season. While the natives got lucky by having the physical devastation pass them by, their economy took a hit as tourist numbers dropped precipitously immediately after. What to do? Have a fire sale (of sorts).
If you don't want to be committed to a particular itinerary or locked into a package, consider one of the discounted airfares and then play it by ear. The three countries are so close together that you can literally drive, train or bus between them in a few hours. You'll only need one currency, the Euro, and English is spoken throughout.
Here's some of the best deals a handful of major travel agencies are advertising this week. Many start from under $100 a day.
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Iguazu Falls
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Reader's Voice
Reader KVR provides feedback on her recent trip to the Big Easy.
From Dave Sturtz: "Has anyone used a GPS device during an airline flight? What are the rules? I have done so a couple of times. Once I asked the flight attendant, who said it was OK, and once surrepitiously. A GPS is a radio reciever which recieves very weak signals and never transmits, so as a practical matter it could never do any harm, but I imagine there are rules."
From John Tighe: "While traveling through Italy on bus # 11 on Sunday November 7, my wallet was lifted at the train station stop. The bus was packed, the driver kept jerking the bus around, and it was hard to hold on. I could feel hands by my front pocket, but as the bus lunged to a stop I took my hand away to keep balance and -- bingo! -- he had it and off to the races he went."
From Alexandra Ante-Marandi: "I am going to China in February to adopt. There will be 3 adults traveling round-trip and a one way ticket for the baby coming back. Airfare is sooo expensive -- I was reading on a website for agencies that buy tickets in bulk and the deals are terrific. But my mother always said 'if it sounds too good to be true..." I'm wondering if anyone out there bought their airplane tickets through a consolidator?"
From Lori Gould: "We're going to Provo for Thanksgiving and thinking of bringing in some of our own food -- we arrive late one night and are afraid that grocery stores might be closed and we'll be too tired to find someplace that makes everyone happy. Does anyone know where I can find out what food I can bring into the country; specifically, could I bring fresh deli meat or a frozen steak?"

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