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Author Holly Hughes discusses some of the world's most threatened places and how they were selected for the new book, "Frommer's 500 Places to See Before They Disappear."
Thrill-seekers, nature lovers, outdoorsy types, and just plain adventurers have plenty of options for a honeymoon.
Pleasant Holidays is having a Hawaii year-end blowout that will get you to the islands and put you up in a hotel for next to nothing.
We've assembled some of the best holiday deals so that you can have your stuffing and eat it too.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: The endangered Kootenai River
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Reader's Voice
From TheGr8Shipoopi: "We don't ski but we're up for loads of fun, including tubing and snowmobiling. I've never seen snow either! Any ideas on activities, restaurants and nightlife?"
From Travelingmom4: "She has flown before and was very good but it was a four hour flight. This one will be two hours, then a short layover, then seven hours on top of that."
From kbm: "I would love your feedback. We just signed up for Friendly Planet Egypt/Petra tour and will be taking our teenage son."
From 3TexPats: "We will visit Cancun over Christmas/New Years, and would love to give our animal-loving nine year old daughter a good experience."
From NikonNY: "The city of Dubai seems to be pretty sprawling, but I can't tell if there's enough to do to warrant a four day stay."

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