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The backlash against the T.S.A. about its full-body scanners and new security pat-downs is creating the perfect storm during the year's busiest holiday travel season.
Vacation and save in Italy, China, Nepal, the Dominican Republic's Punta Cana, and Florida's Panama City Beach.
Follow this advice from our highest flyer and you just may get through the airport this winter without going crazy.
A traveler's parents ends up with two sets of plane tickets, but the online travel agency refuses to refund the double booking. What went wrong and how can you avoid a similar snafu?
What the River Thames lacks in length, it makes up for in history and pageantry. Here are the highlights from centuries of royal rule.
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Arashi Bay near Oranjestad, Aruba Arashi Bay near Oranjestad, Aruba
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Reader's Voice
From rfsphd: "Any suggestions on the weather and if Florence is a good destination for January?"
From lisaev: "My family and I are trying to find something to do on Christmas Day other than a service at Westminster Abbey. Are there any other authentic experiences?"
From Ajit: "We are a family of 4 (the kids are 13 and 18) who wants to spend Dec. 31 in a nice hotel in Times Square or around. We're budgeting around $400-$500 per night."
From lamron: "I will be in Vancouver in January for 2 days. What tourist attractions are a must?"
From brunoiscte: "I'm starting to plan a trip to Asia for August. Which countries are a must-see? The group is in their 30s and we're interested in culture and landscapes."

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