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Bonjour from a small island off the coast of France! Last week we left off at the Gare Montparnasse in Paris as I was on my way to visit some friends on a beautiful island named l'ile de R¿. This week we tour l'ile de R¿.
Check out the latest on changes at Heathrow, fare hikes on the Tube, new shows on stage and more.
The Mexican island of Cozumel, the #1 cruise port in the western Caribbean, continues to bounce back from the drubbing it took at the hands of Hurricane Wilma. Last week, after a frantic cleanup, the port officially reopened to cruise ships, welcoming thousands of passengers.
Do you love flying JetBlue (those comfy leather seats, DIRECTV, XM Satellite Radio, delicious Blue Terra Chips) but prefer to book your entire vacation on one website and keep things simple? The carrier has finally moved into territory that others have tread for so long: Package Vacations.
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Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Reader's Voice
From sdietzler: "We're headed to the Green Valley Resort in Vegas at the end of the month for a golf tournament and have one or two nights open. Are there any reasonably priced restaurants on the Strip? Looking for good food at a decent price. Any local places on the strip or is that a ridiculous question? Any recommendations would be appreciated."
From feeble8: "There's the challenge I have: One day. I'll arrive at the Waverly train station and have the following day in Edinburgh. What's the one thing that I shouldn't miss? Should I jump back on the train and take a quick side trip?"
From ibextrex: "We are planning a 10-14 day vacation this summer to Greece. We would like to choose an island that we can play on for about 8 days. Our kids are 11, 6 and 4. What island would have nice hiking, some historical ruins, and nice hotels that are kid friendly. Ease of travel to the Island is also helpful. Thanks"
From mmdwalsh: "I have been saving my skymiles to use for a family trip to Africa. I am also planning a trip to Europe but was going to buy this ticket since it would not be nearly as expensive as the Africa ticket. Now I'm wondering if I should reconsider. Any insights as to how likely I am to end up with nothing if Delta goes under if I am saving my miles?"
From Hanoch: "My wife and I have just stayed in the fabulous Black Bear Inn on Ski Run Blvd in Tahoe. This is our second stay here and will definitely not be our last!"

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