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It's more than three weeks before winter officially arrives, yet early snow in much of the West means a premature start to the ski season and other winter activities.
B'gosh and begorrah, you'll barely have to touch your pot of gold with this doozy of a deal from Ireland.com. If you book by December 23, you can get a six-day/four-night package that starts from a low $399 per person.
Local routes in Spain aren't served by the obvious European budget airlines. That may be because the three major airlines there do such a bang-up job of keeping local fares low -- lower, in many cases -- than taking the train on popular routes.
Tourism to Montserrat ground to a halt when the Caribbean island's volcano erupted in 1997 effectively burning through the southern region. The government has announced that it is once again safe for travel.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience
Frommers: A World of Travel Experience
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From Joel McEachen: "I ran the Greyhound and Trailways Bus Terminal in New Brunswick, NJ, as a freshman and sophomore at Rutgers 1955-57. Greyhound was Greyhound, and the GM-built Scenicruiser reigned supreme. Buses and trains in the 1950's and the 1960's were indeed glorious, even the ordinary ones. Terminals were safe, and passage was fun."
From Ernie Alderete: "I can't tell you how pleased I am with Continental Airline's One Pass frequent flyer program. I had to arrange last minute connection to New York to take advantage of a media tour of Jordan departing from New York. I had less than a week to make my domestic arrangements. That's exactly when the airlines have you over a barrel, when its too late to comparison shop, and purchase ahead."
From Mick R: "Looking for Road Side Assistance that also qualifies for Ohana Hotel travel club discount. We live on Long Island, NY so would want road coverage for that area + the east coast. We will be doing a driving trip to Florida in Dec and then a March trip to several Hawaiian Islands. Many of the travel clubs listed at the Ohana site under special rates no longer seem to exist. Shell motor club exists for sign up on the internet, but try calling & you just get a run around. I would appreciate reading positive or negative responses to this quandry."
From J. Wilton: "I have decided on the South Pacific for my honeymoon in April 2004. But I am having trouble deciding between Fiji and Tahiti. We are looking for beautiful islands/beaches, activities and excursions available, and some nightlife even if it only consists of the local beach bar. Any suggestions?"
From Shirley Lupton: "We were pulled aside and told we were bumped due to overbooking upon landing in Montego Bay and were given very little support by the Air Jamaica staff, who were adamant that we could not board the flight, despite the urgency of getting to a cruiseship before it sailed the next day."

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