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Editor's Note
We're taking a brief break for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, so today we're running articles that have previously appeared in the Frommers.com Newsletter.
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If you're looking to take a travel break but still have politics on the brain, consider Philadelphia's historic district.
Now that the hurricane and election seasons are both over, it's safe to travel to Florida again. And prices are dropping in welcome. Jet Blue and USAir are offering the best airfare deals, but almost every major carrier, as well as several tour operators, are advertising a package deal or two.
There is a whole new world of largely undiscovered ski resorts (almost 500 in total) waiting for you in Eastern Europe. These former playgrounds of czars, dictators and despots are now accessible to all and for a fraction of the price you would pay to visit their Western European or North American counterparts.
As the end of the Hawaiian bargain season is drawing near and most deals amount to a fifth night free -- a handful of plum packages and a few airfares are still to be had for discount travel to Maui or Oahu through mid-December.
Make way for the travel aggregators. They don't sell anything, but they do point you in the right direction of sites that do.
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Reader's Voice
From CMac: "Just wondering what your thoughts are on this subject. Many times over the years I have been approached on the plane to switch seats with another passenger to allow family members or friends to sit together (all these times I was travelling alone). Most of the time I switched seats only to end up with a less comfortable one. I have found that most people were gracious when their request was denied, but others gave me the evil eye for the whole flight!"
From Wendy Jenkins: "My friend and I just returned from a trip to Slovenia and Croatia. We learned many things on this trip and I hope to alert fellow travelers about some of the things that would have saved us either inconvenience or money. The area is lovely and well worth a trip."
From Lorraine Ball: "As a member of the Indianpolis community, I can tell you we are behind our hometown airline. They are going to make it, because we will not be frightened off by doom and gloom projections. I will be on an ATA flight today, and expect to travel with them again soon!"
From Reegs Alexander: "I am planning on taking my cat with me from Colorado to Canada on Air Canada. She is a full grown cat, but is not huge. We have bought a soft sided carrier for her and would like to take her as a carry on into the cabin. I was wondering if anyone had any advice or recommendations for this trip."
From Steph Blumensaat: "My husband and I are leaving for Paris on December 1 for a week. We need cheap places to eat and I mean CHEAP not $20US a meal each. We are happy with plain simple food. (I know, it's a sin when in Paris.) I heard eating at the cafeteria in the hospitals and universities are options -- anyone tried this? What about department store cafeterias and, if so, which ones?"

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