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After a recent, and altogether pleasant, fact finding mission, we've got the luau lowdown on what's happening over the next few months.
Deep in northern Spain there's an idyllic land of urban volcanoes, romantic farms and well-tended swamps, where the sleepy land rises and falls according to a rhythm set well before the last ice age.
As winter comes into full swing, prices to Europe are hitting new lows. $299 airfare is to be expected. But $299 for airfare plus six nights hotel? That's a holiday gift to travelers planning January and February vacations from packager Go-Today.
's been named the "Birdiest County in North America" by the American Birding Association, after a bird-a-thon counted 248 species in a 24-hour. Winter is good for other kinds of wildlife viewing, with everything from California gray whales along the coastline to thousands of Monarch butterflies covering the Monterey pines in Pacific Grove. To make you even more amenable to the idea of visiting here, the area has a series of offers on lodgings, local attractions, dining and more.
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Reader's Voice
From Frechette Errol: "We have just returned from the October 4th Five Country Cruise. The journey was almost exactly as described in the information provided. We had been informed about and understood the changes imposed by the water level of the Danube. The trip was rendered enjoyable by a competent and friendly crew. The end of our journey, however, was marked by a very bad experience."
From A Noble: "Going to NYC Dec 20-23. Have been to NYC several times and have done most of the touristy things. Where would you recommend we go to really immerse ourself in the true flavor of the city and do you have any restaurant recommendations that the locals love? Thanks!"
From Diana Lynn: "We made reservations for travel over the Christmas holidays with an agent we've never met -- all by e-mail or phone. She hasn't sent us the tickets and isn't returning calls or responding to e-mails except she sent my husband an e-mail saying she needed our address and hadn't heard from us (whaaa?)."
From mjrosenberg: "Bratislava is a gem. For anyone ambivalent about Eastern Europe, start here. It is barely an hour from Vienna but totally Eastern European. Small, easy to navigate, a wonderful old town, and great shops with low prices. Stay at the Botel which is a hotel boat parked in the Danube. It's extremely cool."
From bigbadjake: "We will be visiting Italy in May 2004 and spending 8-10 days in the Tuscany Umbria area. Does any one have any suggestions on a nice little hilltown to use as a place to stay to access Tuscany, Umbria and Le Marche for day trips?"
From Rachel W Harris: "I am stopping over in Iceland for 4 days next June for my honeymoon. Where should we stay?! I love to use vacation rentals but there are not many in Iceland and sometimes it is hard when you are there less than a week. I want to stay right in the middle of everything - close shopping, night life, places to see. We will be doing some tours (don't know which yet) but I understand that they will pick you up from wherever you are. Where should I be looking for lodging?"

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