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You don't often find bargains in Scandinavia, home to the world's highest standard of living, highest taxes and longest-lived inhabitants. But you needn't go broke visiting there, as groups like Discover Norway are trying to ensure. They've come up with an Oslo Package of only $71 a day, available year round. That's the cost per person (two in a room) at one of five cozy bed and breakfast hotels, a big Scandinavian buffet breakfast daily and the Oslo Card.
Typically, this is not the time of year when we would be letting you in on deals to Caribbean destinations. It's high season, after all, and this not when anyone should expect a deal. However, the hotel industry is still bumping along since September 11, 2001, not having fully regained their usual occupancy rates. And what better way to push a recovery than to put it all on sale--up to 25% off air and hotel packages throughout the Caribbean.
It's a great, cheap way to test drive a rig to see if you might want to buy it at the end of the trip, taking part in an increasingly popular trend in American travel.
If you visit www.seeamerica.org, you'll find beaucoup bargains for travel within the United States, and in some cases abroad as well. You can search state by state or for deals that are good across the country from many of the reliable companies we report on in this Newsletter.
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From pgary: "I believe my web site has the most complete listing of methods to obtain free frequent flyer miles without doing much of anything except sitting in front of your computer. Hundreds of thousands of miles are yours for the asking. My last seven international airline tickets were free, and I don't intend to pay for flights any more."
From Erin Wofford: "My husband and I and a group of friends take a yearly sailing trip to the British Virgin Islands. We rent our own boat and bounce around from island to island. This year we are seeking a new destination. We have considered the Grenadine Islands but don't know too much about the sailing there. Also, is purchasing air fare to this destination affordable? Any advice anybody could offer would be greatly appreciated. If you have suggestions on other sailing destinations, we're open to ideas. The trip we typically take is in June or July each year."
From Amy P.: "I'm traveling to London early next year and need to know where the easiest places to exchange money are. A bank? Heathrow? Is is best to just exchange here in the States and take it over? Or is it easiest all around to just take a credit card? Also, when exchanging, are the best rates for traveler's checks, cash, or credit cards?
From BSTTrav: "I know that people who go to Venice bring back Murano glass or Carnival masks. What about Roman/Florentine souvenirs? What should I look for, and where should I look for it? Somehow, I don't think my friends and family will appreciate fake Fendi bags. On the other hand, they just might..."
From KevinC: "I visited Saigon at the end of October and was very pleased with my experience. The people and the available amenities were all friendly, gregarious and ample for any level of comfort. Ironically, for anyone concerned with safety, it was certainly safer at that time of my visit, than either the 'sniper' violence Washington, D.C. or the Moscow theater hostage siutation. I did not find any safety situations other than normal safety concerns in third world areas."

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