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The travel insurance industry is full of unclear language and companies hiding behind various names. To help you pick the best policy, we've selected eight companies we're confident are at the top of the heap.
It's that time of year again -- or at least one of those two times of year. The post-holidays dining bargains get you out of the house in the dead of winter, with the special menus, special prices, and special benefits to hunger-related charities.
Sceptre Tours is known mostly for its deals to Ireland, but recently they've started offering tours to Italy, too, including this one to hotspots along Italy's stunning crowd-pleaser the Amalfi Coast.
Too many of Istanbul's visitors remain stuck in the Sultanahmet area, where the cafes are bent on gouging tourists with high prices and mediocre food. But once you venture farther afield, you'll discover all the savory nuances that make Turkish food so delicious.
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Portofino, Italy Portofino, Italy
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Reader's Voice
From Kameo903: "We'd like to use Sky Airlines (it's a lot cheaper than LAN) for the Santiago-Calama RT, but wondering how we would book this, since it has to be booked in country."
From Georgia: "Does anyone know of a particularly good agency, or when is the best time of year to get the best prices for June 15 departures?"
From bayareamaddie: "I am getting conflicting information about the area from people I've asked about it. As this will be my first time to go, I am at a loss as to whose advice I should take."
From DecoderMan: "I read about some companies, SSK and TurFlot. Does anyone know anything about them? They had very inexpensive cruises and I wonder what their ships are like."
From greenfingers: "Can anyone help with my itinerary please as just not sure how long it takes to get around Manhattan. We are visiting NYC for the first time over Christmas."

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