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Lower Manhattan continues the difficult rebuilding process following the events of September 11, 2001. Last week saw the reopening of the Port Authority Trans Hudson (PATH) commuter train station at the World Trade Center site and the start of a new free downtown shuttle bus service - making it easier to get to and around the area.
Sascha Segan explores Barcelona's hipster neighborhood.
We've got a roundup of affordable air and hotel combos to cities throughout Oz.
If you're willing to plan ahead, Uniworld has a pretty good deal on two unusual trips to Holland. Uniworld specializes in river cruises -- floating hotels that meander their ways along the many waterways of the quite wet Netherlands. Seeing the country from the water, the way the Dutch used to travel centuries ago, gives you a languorously unique perspective on a country where managing the flows of the sea is a matter of survival.
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From jimalcorn: "My wife and I will be staying for a week in Tahoe. We are on a budget and love to ski. Any tips for me regarding lift tickets and rental equipment? Which ski resorts offer the best value? Also, can you advise me of any inexpensive restuarants? Thanks for the help!"
From Carlos Schomaker: "Does anyone have experience with buying same-day flights for spur-of-the-moment weekend trips? Is this feasible via the internet, or is it better to buy at the local airport? Is it cheaper to buy same-day, or buy advance tickets, and then pay rescheduling fees if I can't make the trip?"
From Colleen Russell: "I have just returned from a wonderful solo trip to Arizona and California! This was my frist trip alone, and I loved it! I flew into Phoenix, AZ, from St. Louis, MO, on a Thursday evening."
From Martina: "Hi, I am a college student planning to backpack in Europe for three weeks following my semester study abroad in Valencia, Spain. There will be three other girls with me, and we were hoping to get some recommendations of which cities to visit in several countries. We want to go to Austria, Poland, Greece, Italy, France, and maybe Ireland. We aren't big fans of huge cities but rather prefer smaller cities and little towns with less tourism. We do want to hit up some major citiies, like Salzburg, Venice, and Athens, MAYBE Paris. We plan to stay in Youth Hostels and are purchasing Eurail passes, so wherever we go needs to be near locations that have those facilites nearby. Any recommendations from experienced backpackers would be appreciated!"
From Jordana Siegel: "We are traveling to France between Christmas and New Year's Eve - plan to spend 3-4 days in Paris and 2-3 days somewhere else. Trying to decide where to go in addition to Paris that doesn't involve spending a day in transit - would you suggest the Loire Valley, Burgundy (Beaune and surrounding area), the Champagne region or somewhere else?? We are looking to stay in a smaller town(s) with an emphasis on local culture, especially cuisine and wine."

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