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We just saw one of the busiest holiday travel weekends in years, and the number of commercial travels during Christmas and New Year's shouldn't disappoint. But those periods before and after typically see drops in the number of passenger, so not surprisingly, that's where you'll find the best deals right now.
The Adriatic is ringed by the remains of 3,000 years of civilization and a wealth of UNESCO World Heritage sites, many of which date back to Marco Polo's time and beyond: the 5th-century Christian ruins of Ravenna, Diocletian's 4th century palace in Split, the newly restored medieval walled city of Dubrovnik, "pearl of the Adriatic," not to mention the better known city and lagoons of Venice.
Up to twenty hours of darkness and biting cold per day may not be everybody's idea of a perfect vacation, but there are plenty of unique travel ideas for experiencing the far north in winter.
New Year's Day at home can be a drag. The same bars, the same crowds, the same traffic. For some, New Year's is amateur night where big-time partygoers are outweighed by dilettantes throwing confetti and hogging up bar space with their orders Jell-o shots and Kamikazes. Who needs that? Why not get away this New Year's to somewhere totally different, where you won't let the "same old, same old" get you down.
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From Jean McGuane: "We recently returned from Ireland after a week's vacation, and it is now clear what the Irish told us: Ireland is the most expensive country in the EU. We stayed mostly on the West Coast, County Clare, County Kerry, and even into County Cork. I lived in Dingle for a summer in 1980, and have been going to Ireland about every two years. We were just there two years ago, and it was like night and day. It used to be that you could go into a pub and have 2 fish and chips and two pints for about $22. Now, that price is closer to $50."
From Josh Thomas: "Just returned from four nights in Rome and wanted to offer some thoughts on it."
From Trish Hall: "We went on several guided day tours in New Zealand including a 2-hour horseback ride, a day-long Lord of the Rings Tour and a day kayacking trip. We paid quite a bit for these tours, and, while we thanked the guides, we didn't tip them. Should we have? One consideration is that New Zealand is not a tipping culture. Tips are not expected when eating out, for example. What do other folks think and do in these situations?"
From David Paden: "A confluence of events conspired to direct me to Talpa de Allende for the Festival of the Three Virgins. My friend Francine had arrived from Canada."
From Marcus Mencarini: "After all of the great things said about Argentina on this site I am very much considering going. I have searched different options. Is it better to book a package deal that includes airfare, etc, or is it more economical to book separate hotel, airfare, and day trips? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated."

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